Apr 27 2013
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Darkness 2 - New Game Plus Error

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Hey guys ... I am having sort of a problem with a game I just got , Darkness 2 .

I have heard about it's New Game Plus mode, so i had hoped to find it in the menu when I finished the game for the first time ( in any difficulty ) ... the thing is, I have completed the game twice, and that option just doesn't appear on the menu ... I have tried both times the "Stay with Jenny " ending ( to preserve the best one ) and after the credits I get taken to the main menu, in witch only appear the original options for the game, and not the New Game Plus option ...

I have adquired the game's Limited Edition, and i was thinking that, either it's a game error, or I was doing something wrong ...

In case of a game error, i was thinking of erasing the saved data , and if that wouldn't work, the installement data afterwards , but I could really use your help in that matter ... Also, if I'm doing sometinhg wrong, I woulld like to know what it is ...


Thanks again , 


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