Feb 12 2013
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Dynasty Warriors 7: Empires Original Character Thread

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This thread is for various PSN members to share their created warriors and factions with the rest of the network (forum-wise).




Since the greatest edition of Dynasty Warriors 7 will be releasing February 26th for the NA region, I’d thought it would be good to have a place on the forums for everyone to share and promote their creations. You can simply post their name and hope for the best. Or go the full mile and post their name, picture, preferred weapon type, favorite Kingdom or Faction, and even a bio you created for them. After all, people love well-developed characters and it’s bound to get you more attention yourself.


If you want a look at what has (vastly) improved in DW7: Empires, you can always visit the official site here.


I know the group mentality of gamers on DW (or Tecmo-Koei games, in general) isn't notably great in most general audiences, but this thread is for those who still enjoy them and for those who love creating their own characters. Like any thread, flaming anyone's creations is unnecessary and those who share can opt for constructive criticism. Anyway, hope this thread helps active creators and I hope to see some of you guys online come the 26th!



Examples: (Taken from DW6: Empires; DW7E Demo pics were too rough but was able to recreate these in 7E)


Syklonis Ry


Erin Ishida





- 3/5/2013


Edit Accessory Set 1 & Extra Scenario

Accessory parts for both genders.

  1. Male and female accessory slot 1 parts: under rim glasses, eye mole, mouth mole, small glasses
  2. Male and female accessory slot 2 parts: ogre horn, goggles, headphones, headband
  3. Male only accessory slot 2 parts: short mustache, goatee
  4. Female only accessory slot 2 parts: braid wig, side wave wig

Scenario 1: Takes place during the year 234, surrounding Zhuge Liang's last battle at Wuzhang Plains.


Scenario 2: Fantasy Battle, matching the forces of the Three Kingdoms, Past and Present, against some of the legendary figures of history.



Scenario Set 2:

- Conquest of Valor: A special scenario where the greatest warriors from every faction join together under the banner of Lu Bu to conquer the land via brute force.


- Battle of Fan Castle: A historical scenario where the Three Kingdoms clash in the monumental battle that ended the life of Guan Yu.


- Conqueror of Huabei: A what-if scenario where Yuan Shao wins the Battle of Guan Du, forcing the real victor, Cao Cao, back to the defensive.



EXTRA: Warriors' Hall: A special Homestead for characters with the Brave lifestyle.



Scenario Set 3:

- Battle of Strategists: A special scenario where the greatest strategists of the land unite to conquer the land through the brilliance of strategy.


- The Cao Clan Divided: A what-if scenario taking place after the death of the Wei Ruler, Cao Cao, where his sons have clashed for control of Wei.

- Rival Warlords: A historical scenario taking place after the Battle of Hu Lao Gate and the death of Dong Zhuo where all the warlords of the land finally begin making their moves for conquest.

EXTRA: Sage's Hall: A special Homestead for the characters with the Wise lifestyle.



Additional Weapons Set: A pack of weapons specially made in Japan and renamed for the translated territories.

V Jump Sword-Sword of Might

DW7E-DLC-V Jump Weapon Skin

Famitsu Rocket-Conqueror's Spear

DW7E-DLC-Famitsu Weapon Skin


Edit Costume Set 1: Roar of the Nine Heavens Set for Males




Edit Costume Set 2: Flower of the Nine Heavens Set for Females




Edit Costume Set 3:

Sorceror's Set for Male

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Re: Dynasty Warriors 7: Empires Original Character Thread

Feb 12, 2013

Should be interesting to see what fans come up with! Smiley Happy

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Re: Dynasty Warriors 7: Empires Original Character Thread

Feb 13, 2013

Ive always loved dw. Dw7 Empires should be great. I downloaded the edit mode demo, and i absolutely love the customization options. who wouldnt, right? It reminds me of monster hunter...but better. Around release you can expect me to share a few characters Smiley Happy  I already have a roleplay character i used to use whom was based on Zhao Yun, in mind. But then he sorta morphed into a Cao-pi/ Swords of the stranger Luo Lang sorta dude. >.< 


Excited for day one! (26th)

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Re: Dynasty Warriors 7: Empires Original Character Thread

Mar 12, 2013
YEP! This is one of the best games with Character Customization I've played that involves the lifestyle choice for the characters you create! You should try it, JD! Something for you to do between Home updates every week.
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