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Jan 13 2013
By: LordZatel2007 First Son 12 posts

Highlander The Game not cancelled just Another Developer Studio haave to Re Scrapped ....

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I did read information from Official Highlander Community (Facebook)



They told people hat Not Owen MacLeod just New MacLeod different ..... I think reason thing about Hold on right games for Consoles Highlander then developer mobile apps make for Mobile games project at likely i Pad ,iPhone , Android  have enough paid for game how much Budget then will Make Highlander The Video Game for PS3 , XBOX 360 ,PC . Widescreen Games have out of Business then trying fix bugs but not use Unreal Engine 3.5 tools for test but drop it . My Theory ..... said acknowledge will new MacLeod Character Different and not Owen MacLeod .... for the Game on PS3 , XBOX 360 , PC. will released before The Remake Movie come out next year.

Please pay Attention just important .... You will look on Facebook then type search for Highlander Community Official has what said .....

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