Mar 28 2013
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Please help

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Ive been browsing around and came across a game I used to play as a kid on the original PS system called Kingsley's Adventure. They have it listed on the playstation website but you cant download it or buy it. Id rather get a downloadable version than the disk because I dont even know where I would go to buy an original PS game and Im not sure if you can play original PS games on the PS3 (Ive never tried and dont know if its good for it.) Is there any way to get this game on to my PS3 or to get Playstation to make a downloadable version? Sorry If Im in the wrong forum. Ive never posted n a forum before and I dont really know where to put this or who to ask.


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Re: Please help

Mar 28, 2013

Don't worry, as you're in the right forum area to ask about Kingley's Adventure, an adventure game from long ago (1999 to be exact). What you should know is that PlayStation games, original PSOne discs that is, are indeed playable on all PlayStation 3 systems. Given that Kingsley's Adventure isn't available for download on the PlayStation Store, and it's likely doubtful that it ever will be (given that PSOne Classics are no longer a main focus on Sony's part for digital distribution), your best bet is most likely to buy a physical copy of the game disc anywhere you can find one.


The only trouble with this is that you might have to deal with sellers that offer the game at a high price. On Amazon for instance, currently the game is being sold for $126. Moving over to eBay, the pricing structure there is very different, as the cost for the game from different sellers is in the $10-$20 range. However, with this being an auction site you might end up spending quite a bit of change just to land a deal. I wish you luck in getting the game.

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