Mar 28 2013
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Saints Row 1 on PS3 and ideas for New HD Collection Games!

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With the added popularity from the second and third Saints Row games and the up coming fourth game I and others are wondering if Playstation could finally release a copy of the first Saints Row game for the PS3, I am not only in wanting to play the beginning of this Franchise.


My Idea for new HD Collections for old PS2 games was for the Dot Hack games one for the 4 game series (Infection, Mutation, Outbreak, & Quaratine) and one for the Dot Hack GU Series (Rebirth, Reminisce, & Redemption) also a collection off the Final Fantasy games from the PS2 ( Final Fantasy X, X-2, XII, & VII Dierge of Cerberus) and PS1 (VII, VIII, & IX) would be awesome, I have already picked up the Ratchet & Clank Collection and the Jak & Dexter Collection and enjoy them greatly, I think the more of these Blast from the Past collections you can release would be great.

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Re: Saints Row 1 on PS3 and ideas for New HD Collection Games!

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Mar 28, 2013

I also picked up both the ratchet and clank and jak and daxter collection and have played both of them quite a bit. Im gonna be picking up the Kingdom Hearts Remix when it comes out and of course, the KH Remix 2.5 when it comes out, since I enjoyed KH2 more than the first one, both were good though.

I would actually like a Ty the Tasmanian Tiger HD Collection, all 3 PS2 games in HD with trophies. I would spend my money on that.


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