Apr 19 2011
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New Anime Alert: Dororon Enma Kun

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I didn't see a thread for this anime, sorry if there is already one. I've been fairly disinterested in anime for the past few years, the last anime I completed in fact was Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagaan. Anyway, I finally found something that I like, Dororon Enma Kun, a remake of a classic(but kind of unknown) 70s anime of the same title. The 2011 remake features a nice blend of retro and new style art. Normally, I don't like comedy animes(there are a few exceptions) but so far this show has actually managed to make me lol on more than one occassion. I highly suggest checking it out, the first 2 episodes have already been subbed, with the 3rd premiering in Japan on April 21, the sub is scheduled to be online April 22. I'd provide links, but unfortunately I'm at work with restricted access.

The anime is somwhat NSFW, the second episode involving ice princess Yuki and a couple of tentacle encounters. Check it out guys! I'll be updating this post later with more information and links.

A quick synopsis.

A gang of nasty demons have escaped from the netherworld and are now reaking havoc on earth. Fire demon prince Enma-Kun and his girlfriend ice demoness princess Yuki are sent to earth to rounndup the misbehaving demons and return them to the netherworld. Enma is encouraged to bring the demons back alive, with killing them being his last resort, however Enma has already shown he's more apt to killing them then taking them alive...because it's just easier.

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