Dec 17 2013
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Why no remote play? And why can't cutscenes be skipped?

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Okay I am not understanding why they did not put remote play or cross controller to be compatible with the vita in this game. I mean the controls in this game definitely allowed for it and there is even an app that lets you use your phone as the controller. 


Also, I do not understand why I can't skip the cutscenes. If I am going to try to unlock all 23 endings then I don't want to watch the same scenes over and over again. In addition, I am not sure why I can't make multiple saves either cause I am pretty sure that was possible in Heavy Rain.

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Re: Why no remote play? And why can't cutscenes be skipped?

Dec 17, 2013

While Beyond: Two Souls is compatible with smartphones, the game has not been designed to work with the Vita. I guess Quantic Dream figured more people have smartphones than they do Vitas. Numbers is an attractive asset in this industry.


The cutscenes were made to be watched and not skipped. Unfortunately, this also makes getting through the game on multiple playthroughs redundant if you're not looking to watch repeat viewings of the same scenes you've seen five times already. Although, one bit of advice for watching all endings is to either... 

rescue or kill off everyone on the list the first time around. This will save you the trouble of skipping some of those extra playthroughs you think you might need to do.

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