Jun 06 2013
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how does the gameplay work this time?

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Heavy Rain's gameplay can be described as following:


- Press the right button at the right time (QTE's)

- Press and hold buttons in a certain order, lose grip on one of the buttons and you fail the sequence

- Press a certain button in rapid succesion, not doing that fast enough fails the sequence


- Walk around and explore an environment, you can only walk and interact with certain objects


- Participate in interactive cutscenes where you choose what to say to other characters


While I enjoyed Heavy Rain for the story, the gameplay was very limiting, and while I still expect Beyond Two Souls to not really evolve in the gameplay department (neither do I really care, I buy it for the fantastic story!), Quantic Dream has said some interesting things about the gameplay:



Quantic Dream said that Beyond Two Souls will have no quick time events, at first I thought that we would be in full control of Jody, but after seeing gameplay demo's, I knew that that isn't really true. See, Quick Time Events, as pointed out above, are just pressing the right button at the right time. The 'press-and-hold-buttons-in-a-certain-order' and 'press a certain button in rapid succesion' are still in the game, as you can see in the gameplay demo's, however, the quick time events have been replaced by something that I don't know how it works yet. Some gaming media had hands-on with one of the demo's, and they tried to explain how the gameplay works at these moments, from what I understood of it, is that you control Jody at certain moments with the analog sticks. As you can see in the gameplay demo's, you see the gameplay goes sometimes in slow-motion and the screen gets this strange glow, but instead of a quick time event (like you had in Heavy Rain), you have to figure out yourself what is a good thing to do in this situation, and apparently you do that with the sticks, but I find it really hard to understand. What do we control, Jody's arms or legs? It is weird and I hope that Quantic Dream explains the gameplay at E3 2013.


2) Quantic Dream said that at any point in the game we can switch between Jody and Aiden. Now I find this hard to believe because there has to be some point where we can't control Jody or Aiden, but it is interesting nonetheless, because it gives us a lot more freedom, and also it creates puzzles, Jody can't do things that Aiden can and vice versa.


3) Quantic Dream explained how controlling Aiden works, you can as Aiden go anywhere you want (to a certain distance from Jody, because Aiden is connected to her), you can fly through walls and you can interact with certain objects. You do that by pulling back the analog sticks and then immediately pressing them forwards (that's going to break my controller if I'm not careful!), also you can possess certain humans, how they explained it is a little weird. Some humans have weak minds or something and that's why Aiden can possess them, but humans with a 'normal' mind can't, I don't really get it, but it's still interesting, because when you possess that human, you basically play an other character, just like you could play as Jody, you can let him/her do things against their will but will benefit Jody and Aiden, for instance in a certain demo you could possess a policeman, and force him to take out other policemen, it's pretty interesting.


So, having said all that, I was interested to see if any of you had anything to add to that, or else some speculations on how the gameplay will work! Smiley Happy

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Re: how does the gameplay work this time?

Jun 7, 2013

Everything i've seen and read says it will play a lot like Heavy Rain but with some improvements.

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Re: how does the gameplay work this time?

Aug 19, 2013

I personally don't think Heavy Rain had many flaws, but I believe it will be the same concept. 

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Re: how does the gameplay work this time?

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Aug 25, 2013

It's a refined control scheme, Basically still Heavy Rain. I think the QTE are replaced with RTE - Real time events


All their games apart from The Nomad Soul have been heavily played like that.


The Nomad Soul you just.. Well.. Fight a lot but it was done well at the time Smiley Happy

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