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Re: The real batman

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Jan 19, 2013


Don't you see!


The real Batman is all those men!


 *cough* Kevin Conroy *cough* No Contest*


They all reflect the awesomeness we see in Batman one way or the other. 


Micheal Keaton's lack of lines and devlopment.


Val Kilmer.....just being ...Val Kilmer. *Kiss from a Rose is awesome*


George Clooney was Batman to teach us a lesson....we need to be more picky on who gets to be Batman.


and Christan Bale... Thank god. Just wish he didn't try that hard with the voice.


All i said is in good nature i love Batman  :smileyhappy:






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Re: The real batman

Jan 30, 2013

Best Batman is Kevin Conroy... however i do agree keaton was a good batman... kilmer wouldn't of been as bad but "forever" was a bad movie... i liked Batman & Robin minus Arnie as Freeze. 

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