Apr 24 2013
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[BF3] Support ISAF mission @Afghanistan [ FEEL FREE TO JOIN ]

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Feel free to join 'ISAF' (International Security Assistance Force)! 
ISAF is a real-life security mission in Afghanistan. Why should you join ISAF platoon? 

* ISAF platoon will share you the latest news about the war situation in Afghanistan. 
* Do you have some questions? Ask them to Afghanistan/Iraq veterans! (DE, UK, US, NL) 
* We have alot of different nationality! Everyone is welcome! 
* Good kill death/ratio is not required 
* Clan tag is not required (Only if u want) 
* All sex or creatures are welcome! 
* Often we will play with all ISAF members a game! 
* Often we will do a realistic simulation! 
* You may join as many platoons as you want. 

Platoon link:

Contact me 

(Komak aw Hamkāri—) 
(Help and Cooperation) 
International Security Assistance Force © 2013

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