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[Battlefield 3] Playing With Fellow Platoon Members (Who Are NOT On Your Console Friends List)

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[Battlefield 3] Playing With Fellow Platoon Members (Who Are NOT On Your Console Friends List)


This post is about how you can play with fellow platoon members who are NOT on your console friends list.  They have NOT made this easy to do within the Battlefield 3 game.


I play on the PlayStation 3 (PS3) platform.  So, the instructions for the Xbox *may* be slightly different.  I suspect that any Xbox player would still be able to figure them out.


Step 1: Become Battlelog Friends

If you haven’t already, become Battlelog friends with the fellow platoon member you want to play with.  Once Battlelog friends, Battlelog will tell you when they are playing.  As far as I know, there is no limit to the amount of friends you can have on Battlelog.  For the PS3, there is a limit of 100 friends (part of the reason we need instructions such as these).


If you are having trouble logging into Battlelog, then check out the following link.


Step 2: Find The Server They Are Playing On

Find out the server they are playing on.  At this point you have two options.


Option 1: Send them a console message asking them which server they are on.  A simple “server?” message in the title will often suffice.  If you get such a message, you can look up your server (during the game) as follows.

a. press the “START” button


c. the name of the server will be within the blue bar that is towards the top, left of the screen


Option 2: You can look up the last server they were on using the website.  On this website, you will have to put in their Sony Entertainment Network (SEN) online identification (ID) [formerly known as a PlayStation Network (PSN) online ID] or their Xbox GamerTag.  You can look this up in Battlelog (just go to their Battlelog page) if you don’t already know this.  After you call up their statistics, you may need to refresh the page.  The page lists the last server this player was on (look for the “Last seen online” section).  This is normally, but not always, correct.  Sometimes the information is out-of-date, even if the page is refreshed.


Step 3: Go To Their Server

Now go to their server.  You can follow these steps.

a. From the main menu of Battlefield 3, select “MULTIPLAYER”.

b. select “SERVER BROWSER”

c. use the L1 and/or R1 buttons on your controller to go to the “SEARCH” tab

d. click “X” on the controller and then enter the server name

e. From the list of servers (more than one may be listed if similar server names are found), select the server by highlighting it (use the left control stick to move the cursor line) and then pressing “X” on the controller.  Note that once on the server screen, you can use the right directional button to go to the list of players on that server.  This allows you to double check that you have the right server.

f. now click “X” on the controller to actually join the server



Making This Easier To Do

If you would like all of this to be easier, check out the idea below!



They have not made it easy to play with fellow platoon members!  Many other games allow you to directly invite all fellow platoon members to your squad and games (even if they are NOT on your console friends list).  They should allow us to do this in Battlefield 3!  This idea has been posted on the official feedback website for Battlefield 3.  You can support this idea by going to this website and (1) clicking on “+1” which indicates you support this idea and/or (2) leaving a supportive comment in that thread.  For this idea and its thread, see the link below.  If prompted to login, use your Battlelog login.  Also feel free to copy and paste this message wherever you think it might garner support!


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