Mar 14 2013
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Lookin' for a Clan

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It's been a long while since I last set foot on the Battlefield. But I have returned and would love to hook up with a Clan or Platoon. Tell me a little about yourselves. If you seem interesting, I may throw my lot in with ya.

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Re: Lookin' for a Clan

Mar 19, 2013
Xe Combat Force would love to have you! So, let me tell you alittle about us. We are a Multi-Gaming Community focused on Playstation 3 and dabbling into PC. We have about 90+ members and we are still rapidly growing. We have been around for a couple years, est. since 2010.

Now that you know a little about us, lets move onto Battlefield 3.

Battlefield 3 is going to be XeC's largest and most organized division. Our current goal is to continue recruiting members, while we begin building our XECEL-Competition Squads, to play in various seasons, ladders, & tournaments. i.e. Gamebattles, FraggedNation, UrgentFury & so much more. We are not picky on what type of Skills recruited into XeC, but even more so the type of teamwork, communication, & dedication a player contributes to the team. Also, you do NOT have to play on our competition Squads. Even though we are building them, XeC also plays casually.

Things we look for:
> Microphone Capabilites - Must use if you have it!
> Dedication
> Ability to execute XeC strategies.
> Game/Website Activity

Note* These will help you get accepted into XeC.

Now that you know who we are, what we are doing on Battlefield 3, and the things needed to join. Go ahead to and APPLY!

Xe Combat Force
Game Manager
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Re: Lookin' for a Clan

Mar 30, 2013

siCK is a clan exclusive to the PS3 only. We have recently hit 300 members, which is a worthy achievement for us. We currently have teams set up for COD: Black Ops II, Battlefield 3.

We have a lot of members but everyone knows everybody and its like one big family, we are a very respectful and a mature clan. Our member base is composed of members from across the world (America, Europe,Austrailia and Canada)to name a few, with members from the ages of 15 to 51. This clan has been running 5 years strong with great organization, making it possible to manage such a large member base. Our clan started out back in COD4 days with a bunch of friends always playing together and expanded up to 300+ members being one of the biggest clans for PS3. Our members span from recreational players to professional gamers, so you will fit in no matter what.

So, what makes siCK stand out from every other clan on the board? Well, there are many defining factors. We have an elaborate points system that shows what rank you are in the clan. For example, if you post a review for a game, you will get 100 points and therefore be promoted to the rank of Private, which is acquirable at, yes, 100 points. We give the members opportunities to stand out among the members and give them a chance to help out the clan. You’re never just another member; you’re part of a clan.

We have around 100+ active users on the forum everyday, so needless to say, the clan forum itself is very active. We also have clan members playing on PSN so you can always party up. We have GameBattles teams.We also have clan tournaments where members fight at their best. We have a GFX section in which members show each other their skills.

If you have any questions concerning the clan, feel free to come to our site and ask for me or just ask right here and I will be able to help. So come on over check us out and let us know what you think.

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Re: Lookin' for a Clan

Mar 30, 2013


heres our website, its typically a clan for people age 25+, also, there is a recruitment thread just a few down on the list here where you can talk to the leader HPH-Shadowqueen


we also own our own server.


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Re: Lookin' for a Clan

Jan 13, 2014

Welcome to PS4 along with BF4. With the release of both will come the formation of new communities. CoMs is now open. It is a community for those who are interested in MilSim Marine Corps. CoMs is looking for members who want the military aspect in their life. Myself being a Former Marine like to have a community as a way to be able to maintain a small aspect of my former life. Screening is done to the very core of every member. Training will be held. Battles will be won. War will not be lost. Goodluck Brothers and Sisters. 


-Field Ops 


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Re: Lookin' for a Clan

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Jan 14, 2014

Hello, and Welcome to TRT!

We are a fast growing PS3 & PS4 multi-gaming community for all types of gamers. All that we expect is for you to have a sane and accommodating personality capable of accepting people from all over the world. We were officially established on June 1, 2012 by a group of friends who wanted to create a community where the main philosophy was to be respectful, tolerant, fair, mature, loyal, trustworthy, dedicated, organized, having a brotherhood, and above all else, focused on having fun!

Since then, friendships have morphed into something more, and we consider our fellow members family. If a close-knit, fun and active group of gamers is what you've been looking for than look no further!

What we offer our members:

• Active forums

• Members Worldwide!

• Events & Game Nights

• Approachable Leadership

• Clan battles Support (Coming Soon)

• Unique and Descriptive Ranking System

• Monthly Spotlight Member Awards (Coming Soon)

• Support for a Variety of Multiplayer/CO-OP Games

• Rapidly Growing Community of Casual and Competitive Gamers

• Positive, Friendly, Family-Safe Atmosphere for Respectful Players.

We are organized based on a simple rank structure where members are encouraged to work there way up. Mainly to stay organized and reward those who have showed high activity and dedication! Along with training to advance in your TRT Leadership.

We will also have semi-competitive squads for clan battles in clan enabled games. Clan battles will be scheduled on our calendar in advanced so everyone knows. The ONLY requirement we ask for when playing clan battles, is to have a clear, active working mic!

We are currently looking for new members to help build our family! We are proud of the fact that our clan is not run by the say of just one leader, but by each and every individual member within our community. So if you've got what it takes to be a true soldier, please fill out our application describing what you can bring to the clan! We are thrilled to have you here.


YoungSoldier Founder Of Tactical Response Team

To Join TRT Visit

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