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May 05 2013
By: hypernia1 First Son 1 posts

problem with BF 3 MP

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evrytime that i trying to connect the MP, my soldier, COOP..

the loading freeze...

my campgin work fine..

but i want to the MP : (

anyone know how to fix it?

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Re: problem with BF 3 MP

May 5, 2013
First make sure your disc is clean (no smudges or anything to make sure it can be read).

If that does not work you may need to delete your game data and game save data for Battlefield 3. This will erase your single player progress unfortunately. So try Googling for other solutions first if your single player data is important to you.

After you delete the game data and game save data turn your playstation off then back on. Download any required updates and try again from there. If this or other things you try do not fix the problem you may need to contact EA Support to have them help you.

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