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Jan 27 2013
By: Grundberg I Only Post Everything 1302 posts

Burnout: Paradise Friends Request!

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I'm a long-time Burnout: Paradise player, and I love this game! However, I've taken a long vacation but I finally started playing again yesterday, and getting back into it.


Now I'm seeking friend requests from other Burnout: Paradise players! Someone to finish the Challenges with and also to compare road rule times with. Looking for serious racers with the intention of having fun, accomplishing the game's various tasks and not the mindless urge to take down the other racers all the time.


Here are a few other notes:

  • I don't have a headset, but may be buying one soon
  • I own all the DLC for the game, including Big Surf Island
  • Not likely to play the mini-games (Cops & Robbers, Marked Man, etc.)
  • More likely to spend time completing the Challenges

Please send me a friend request if interested. I'm available after 3:00 CST on weekdays and any time on weekends.


See you in the game! Thanks in advance. :smileyhappy:

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I Only Post Everything
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Re: Burnout: Paradise Friends Request!

Feb 7, 2013

Please disregard. Although this board is apparently so dead that not a single person responded to this thread, I have no need to fulfill the request anymore.


Tonight I achieved my 500 challenges with the assistance of a few dozen online players. If you're reading this, I would like to express my thanks for your contributions and help with this grueling task! :smileyhappy:

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