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Jul 20 2013
By: austinmeh First Son 7 posts

Lol, funny story in Big Surf Island

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I saw 2 guys on the map in a funny place were they shouldn't be. They were on to of the hospital. I decided to jump up there. When I did, someone named El_Palizor__ Pushed me off. I came back and pushed him off. Now he is mad and he tries to take me down constantly, but failing! Then I get on top of the hospital doing donuts waiting for him to come. Right when he comes around the vary thin corner I push him right off!!!


About 30 seconds later I got kicked. I messaged him, "Lol, UMad?" And he messaged me back with the evil word "B****"


I grief reported him and told him that this is a rated E game and he should NOT cuss!


Btw, when he kicked me I was ROLLING ON THE FLOOR LAUGHING!

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First Son
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Re: Lol, funny story in Big Surf Island

Jul 24, 2013
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