Jun 10 2010
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Buzz Servers Temporarily Unavailable

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I just bought Buzz Quiz World recently. I was able to play twice online. Then, on the morning of June 5, I kept getting the error message "Buzz servers temporarily unavailable." Finally I was successful in logging in that day. I was even able to buy an add-on through the game's access to the Playstation Store.


Since then, however, I haven't been able to connect to your servers. I've tried nearly every night. Still getting the same error "Buzz servers temporarily unavailable." This error takes several minutes to display after "Logging into Buzz Servers" starts. I connected very briefly last night, just long enough for 6 people to join my game, but I lost connectivity to the servers before the first question was asked!


When will this issue be resolved? I've read posts in the EU forum regarding this same problem. I can access the PlayStation Store, surf the net, etc.


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Re: Buzz Servers Temporarily Unavailable

Oct 17, 2011

Hey mate, I'm having the same issue.  Did you ever get this resolved?  Any tips?

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