Sep 01 2010
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I need a few of my quizzes boosted PLEEAASE??

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Hi, I just have the master quiz writer trophy left for the platinum, and it is a PAIN to get! I could really use some help I have 23 quizzes up right now, but 4 in particular could use some help Smiley Very HappyISNEYPALOOZA 1 and 10, POP CULTURE MANIA 1 and SIMPSONS WHO SAID IT??? QUIZ.  Drop a reply with any quizzes you'd like me to do, and I would gladly return the favor. REMEMBER: you have to be signed in to your account for the quiz playthrough to count towards the trophy.  THANKS!

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Re: I need a few of my quizzes boosted PLEEAASE??

Jan 22, 2011

Hey, do you still need help? I just got this game yesterday and am almost done getting the trophies. I just noticed that one is going to be the hardest one and I could use some help as well.

Can we play these quizzes on and it will count? I have 20 quizzes published and really need help on any 10 of them. So if you know anybody else who is willing to help I will gladly return the favor.

You could add me to your friend list and we could play each others' mybuzz quizzes much quicker and easier. I also need the Socialite, Host with the most and Guest of honor trophies if you can help with those.


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