Oct 10 2011
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Is the buzzer signal interfering with the wireless internet signal?

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so i load up buzz while logged in to psn and buzzers ready to play. everytime after the screen showing you how to turn the buzzers on i get " disconnected from the access point" message. first time i thought i genuinely had, but everytime i load up the game it does it at the same point. i was thinking it that the point that the buzzers kick in and i get wifi interference? or is this something to do with the game programming? after that i can sometimes eventually log back in but it is a struggle and its intermittent. no chance of it staying online long enough or with enough connectivity to playing an online game. after i shut down buzz the internet connection is fine again and everythings back to normal. is there a way of solving this other than using a wired connection, and is my theory correct about it being the buzzers?

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