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Re: A ban option please?

Aug 17, 2012

Stormcloud971 wrote:

Alright, firstly, 

My purpose of this post was to add an idea to improve the gameplay of custom game types ( Such as knife round, Pistol Wars, Trickshot round)


Now stop arguing about OP guns and that you hate snipers.

A sniper is a sniper, you cant change that. its bullet is mostly a 1 hit kill, and many people hate that, but thats the way it works, just like when you play online, you lag because of dutty internet connection. Firstly every gun has its playstyle, and you can adapt to that playstyle. Such as an MP7 which is supposed to be a close ranged weapon used in close/tight maps and these days, people kill with an MP7 from a far distance, such as a map in Outpost, In the bunker with an open window, shooting an enemy comming out of the hangar. Also like the 50. Cal which is supposed to be a semi-auto sniper fifle now people use it for close range spraying, like that you can use any gun to adapt to your playstyle. The same principle goes for every gun.


Now when you make a private match to play with your budds, or ur friends friends, quite too often, the game goes upside down due to reconnectors in infected changing their clan tag to be a survivor instead of infected, and a PROPER S&D Quickscope round for fun, randoms who join ur private lobby join either your friends friend inviting people or whatever, they start to use semtex, C4, flash which pretty much annoys you alot. so you wanna kick  them without ending the game and ruining the fun and starting over. 

So this is the main reason WHY the ban option must be done.


just imagine, a game full of fun without any noobs ruining it.


i pretty much cant imagine it ... always someone ends up ruining a fun QS mike myers and other matches

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