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Re: Black Ops 2 makes ps3 unable to read disks

Jun 26, 2013

I have a new 500gb super slim and have had this not playing blu rays but playing everything else. As it was only 6 months old it is away now being repaired. But  I must admit I have never had either my fat boy which is upstairs in my bedroom or the slim jam up/ freeze or the other things happen while I have played bo2. I had it on the day of release and it has never been a problem for me. The only game I have had trouble with was R2. I have many times had to restart the ps3 due to the total freeze up of this game. I called Sony and they told me that due to some tech issues with some of their hardware a number of ps3 machines have this blu ray fault which is caused by over playing or over use.... It had been known to happen in some of their blu ray machines. So to blame one game seems weird to me as I have never had any trouble with this game. But then I play it for two hours a day if I am playing it and not always everyday, so maybe it is a bit of both. Maybe if you play it for hours at a time non stop and everyday it over works the drive. But I will certainly keep in mind what has been said and if this happens again I will have to reconsider the use of the game. I have my ps3 machines insured so if this happens it doesn't cost me too much, just the time waiting for the repair.


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