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Der Reise Easter Eggs & Story Part 1 & 2

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I went Easter Egg Hunting in Der Riese and found maybe every single Easter Egg. I think that the story behind Nazi Zombies has been revealed...

The first one is at the main frame. Right next to the stairs that lead to a window, there's a phone of some sorts. Activate it, and you'll hear a man giving a zombie commands. The zombie prepares to attack him and another scientist kills it. The man asks for another test subject.

The second one is in the area at the right (facing the clock). After you open the second door, run to the furnace. When you have the Monkey-Bomb, throw one in there. You will hear a little girl talking, (I'm not quite sure what she says, but it has something to do with the monkey wanting to play).

The third one is near the teleporter on the left (facing the clock). It's in a furnace. Upon activation, you hear a dog barking. The man (same guy from the first egg) orders that it is strapped down. He then tells his workers to activate something. They realize that the dog has disappeared.

The fourth one is near the teleporter on the right (facing the clock). It's in the room right before it, in a corner. Upon activation, you hear the same man. He sounds like he is frustrated, mentioning that the test subjects do not follow commands. One of his workers talks to him, telling him to stop with this project. His worker also says his name: Dr. Maxine. Dr. Maxine shouts at his worker, telling him to recaliberate the system.

The fivth Easter Egg is near the teleporter on the opposite side of the map (opposite of the mainframe). With this one, you hear Dr. Maxine shouting in frustration (I forgot what he says). You then hear a little girl's voice. Dr. Maxine tells his daughter, Sophia, to leave immedietly. Sophia then asks why "those men are acting weird". You hear zombies and hellhounds at this point. Dr. Maxine, Sophia, and some workers are heard screaming.

The sixth Easter Egg is the flytrap. It is found one the left side (facing the clock). Open one door, walk to the window, scope your PTRS, and shoot the control panel. You'll see a Monkey-Bomb, a molotov, a bowie knife, and a teddy bear fly into the air and scatter. This activates a mini-game where you have to find the teddy bears and the Monkey-Bomb. You get nothing for finding the bears and bomb, but you do get ELEVATE YOUR SENSES by shooting the control panel.

The final Easter Egg is found near the teleporter on the opposite side of the map (opposite of the mainframe). This is technically the first transmission, but make sure it's the last, everything will make more sense. It's in the tunnel that Nikolai dies in. When you activate it, you will hear Dr. Maxine.

Dr. Maxine addresses that there is not enough funding being put in the Die Glocke project. He also says in the next few years, The Wunderwaffe DG-2 is expeted to be mass-produced. He mentions that there is not enough element 115 to do so. He says that the Americans told him that they have a large amount of 115 in Nevada. He ends it with request for bigger funding, and less pressure.

With that, let us confirm everything from Verruckt and Shi No Numa that connects to Der Riese.

Hands and Hangmen

We all know that there is a severed hand on the power switch in Verruckt. Der Riese also has a severed hand on the power switch. The Verruckt hand belongs to the Shi No Numa hangman, and the Der Riese hand belongs to the Der Riese hangman (I have not personally seen the Der Riese hangman, but my friend has).

The Shi No Numa hangman is Peter. That is a fact. Why else would the transmission be sent to Shi No Numa, but for Peter's ears? As for the Der Riese hangman: that is the person who tried to contact Peter.

Element 115

Element 115 has 184 nuetrons, which is considered a magic number in physics. 115 is a VERY unstable element.
115 came from the Shi No Numa meteor. 115 apparently powers The Wunderwaffe, the electric defenses, and gives the zombies and hellhounds life. 115 is also apparently in a storage area in Nevada. There isn't much more that can be said.

Dr. Richtofen

We all know that Richtofen created the DG-2 and discovered 115 and/or experimented with it. The person who sent the transmission says "...find Dr. Richtofen and Dr. Maxine; they may know what's going on..."

The person is right. They do know what's going on. How? They created the zombies and the hellhounds.

First off, why else would Richtofen call the zombies his minions? Second, if you listened to the fourth Easter Egg, you know that the zombies and hellhounds are a "project". This is further proven with the final Easter Egg. Also, Hitler was said to have attempted to reanimate fallen soldiers. He failed.

The zombies and hellhounds are legitimate creations.

The random weapon box and the teddy bear

It is said that Richtofen has a lot of stuffed animals. This could mean that he created the random weapon box.

Dr. Maxine's daughter, Sophia, sounds exactly like the little girl you hear laughing with the teddy bear. This could mean that Dr. Maxine and Dr. Richtofen were good friends, and that Richtofen apparently gave Sophia a teddy bear (one that's not mutilated :]). Sophia is also the voice that you hear when you throw a Monkey Bomb in the furnace, and when you activate the fly trap, the only difference being the demonic overtone.

A little funfact about the random weapon box. In the warning room in Shi No Numa, there are a lot of boxes taht look just like the random weapon box. You can also find these boxes in the multiplayer map known as Banzai.

Area 51

Area 51 wasn't put into commision until 1950. This eliminates all speculations of Area 51 having anything to do with Nazi Zombies.

But take a look at this.

Die Glocke

Near the end of this article, it is said that Die Glocke could bend space. You bend space, you bend time. You bend time, you can travel through it.

My speculation of the story.

In 1901, a meteor named Tunguska crashed in Russia. This is the Shi No Numa meteor, and the German's source of 115. The American's source of 115 comes from the meteor that exploded over Pennsylvania in 1938. The German's took samples of 115 and used it on the bodies of dead soldiers and dogs. A lot of the scientists were doctors who worked at the Wittinau Sanitorium (Verruckt). Die Glocke gave off a lot of radiation when powered. These doctors, unaware that they've been affected by radiation, work at Wittinau, unknowingly passing the radiation on to the people in the Asylum. Everyone in the Asylum at that time became a zombie. US Marines were sent to investigate, but they were overrun, and killed. After realising that The Marines failed, the Germans used 115 to create The Wunderwaffe DG-2. During the creation of the DG-2, a zombie outbreak began in Der Riese. Richtofen took the DG-2 with him to Shi No Numa, to finish it. He also took the Tunguska meteor. The radiation from the meteor caused yet another zombie outbreak. Dempsey, Takeo, and Nikolai where sent to Shi No Numa to investigate. They met with Dr. Richtofen, and they teamed up against the Imperial Zombies. Upon hearing the transmission that was sent to Peter, they realised that they needed to leave Shi No Numa immedietly, and head to Der Riese. Now, Dempsey, Nikolai, Takeo, and Richtofen, fight for their lives in Der Riese, and attempt to find out exactly what's going on.

As for Nacht Der Untoten, that could take place anywhere at anytime...


(now for part 2 is under this post)

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Re: Der Reise Easter Eggs & Story Part 1 & 2

Aug 8, 2009
o ok
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Re: Der Reise Easter Eggs & Story Part 1 & 2

Aug 8, 2009
Nikolai dies wait what? Hes my favorite character.

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Re: Der Reise Easter Eggs & Story Part 1 & 2

Aug 8, 2009

That's all you can say loud94? "o ok"? Smiley Tongue


Great theory man. Seems like you put a lot of thought into it.

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Re: Der Reise Easter Eggs & Story Part 1 & 2

Aug 8, 2009

A very interesting read.  Kudos!  I don't see how you got Dr. Maxis being the "Giant Zombie."  Also I don't believe dogs spawn when you teleport.  I know a power-up usually does and it appears the same way the dogs do.  With the blue lighting.  At round 163 dogs do start to spawn with zombies though.  The assistant doesn't sound like Richoet(sp) to me, but it might be.  Having Samantha controling the bear makes sense.  Maxis being the voice that controls the dogs does make sense.


Do you think Maxis is physically a "giant zombie" or is he just like a ghost?  I really hope there is another map pack that brings an end to the zombies.  Der Riese gives the back story, but I hope the next one atually brings an end to it, but I'm not sure how that is possible with the never ending round gameplay.


Also this is off topic, but one of Tank's saying when the monkey blows up is just hillarious.  He says "You just got (f word) by a monkey!"  I just couldn't stop laughing after he said that.  I really lke the dialogue that Treyarch gives the characters.  Each of them has a distinct personallity.  I myself like Takeo the best.

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Re: Der Reise Easter Eggs & Story Part 1 & 2

Aug 8, 2009

Verruckt: "was this the original testing place on the Zombies?"

if you go solo to the nazi zombie level selection screen and hover over der riese, it'll says "here is where it all began, will this be where it all ends? "


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Der Reise Easter Eggs & Story Part2

Aug 8, 2009
Ok, this thread is dedicated to explaining a large part of the story behind Nazi Zombies, mainly focusing around the new items and "easter eggs" found in the new zombie map Der Riese, being an avid player of Nazi Zombies myself I have located a large number of these Easter Eggs and I'm close to fully understanding the story behind Nazi Zombies.

Alot of what I reveal may be taken in many ways, some people may critize me and various points I may have gotten wrong or have missed out and some people will be grateful for helping them understand more of the story. I am a great lover of stories behind games and it is especially good to find out of the story behind such a thrilling game as Nazi Zombies. If anyone has anything however, that they think I may have missed out, please post in a reply (with validation if possible) what it is.

I will be dividing what I have found into sub-sections to make it easier for reading, I will start with characters.

Tank Dempsey - An American "War Hero", from what we find out from Der Riese through his examination of the various blackboards and jars of experiments is that he wants to get to the bottom of the zombie outbreak, it is possible that he was placed together with Takeo and Nikolai as some sort of "elite" unit sent to contain the Zombie outbreak or a new theory, find out what the Germans were actually doing with the zombies.

Nikolai - The most basic thing that we can tell about Nikolai is that he is a reject from the Red Army, as his bio claims he was "dumped" onto the frontlines and forgotten about, mabye he was possibly placed into the trio with Dempsey and Takeo because the mission was a high "death chance" what we can tell from one of his quotes however in Shi No Numa "Your death is my purpose" supports the theory that they were sent to try and contain the Zombie outbreak from escaping from Shi No Numa, one interesting thing however, is that in the Der Riese trailer, you can clearly see Nikolai being "downed/killed" by three Zombies when he runs into the underground tunnel, could this possibly mean that Nikolai will not make an appearance in the next Zombie map?

Takeo - Though he rarely speaks in Der Riese, his most interesting quote in Shi No Numa was "Die, you diseased dog" does this mean that Takeo has a different perspective of the Zombies? Mabye the Nazi Zombies were directly affected by the Element 115 whereas, it may have passed to the Imperial Zombies by some form of oversee's radiation? Causing the effects of Element 115 to not be as powerful, however, it is possible that the reason work on the Zombies was being done at Shi No Numa was because of the arrival of the meteorite which contained Element 115 which is believed to be how "Richtofen" created the Wunderwaffe Dg-2.

Doctor Richtofen - The most suspicious character in the Nazi Zombies series, found at Shi No Numa by the trio, he is apparantly the creator of the Wunderwaffe Dg-2, as he claims "My greatest invention" when recieving it out of the random weapons box, with the release of Der Riese, another idea springs to mind, was Dr. Richtofen the assistant to Doctor Maxis? If so the various radios found throught Der Riese detailing the experiments that Doctor Maxis carried out on the "Test subjects" could be living humans? Or dead corpses? and also Maxis' experiments on his daughters dog "Fluffy", was Richtofen assisting Doctor Maxis with these experiments or was Richtofen deployed to Shi No Numa by Maxis in order to recieve a quantity of Element 115 from the meteorite. It is evident that Dr. Richtofen has been to Der Riese beforehand as when you enter the Teleport rooms as him he claims "We need to link the teleporter to the mainframe in order to..oh.. I mean, this is all so confusing!", this leaves the question of, what is Richtofen trying to hide from the other three characters? Mainly Dempsey? Are the Americans and Germans competing with each other to harness the power of Element 115? Dempsey has already seen the power of the Wunderwaffe Dg-2 and the Pack-A-Punch machines and teleporters? If this was true, could this been the reason why on Verruckt, your characters were American? Were they sent to try and find out what the Germans had been up to with the experiments in the Asylum? Obviously they found more then the bargained for, mabye they reported back about the Zombie outbreak and that's why Dempsey, Takeo and Nikolai were sent to Shi No Numa, to stop a repeat of the Asylum? It would explain why Richtofen is working with his "Enemies" to try and rid of the Zombie outbreak? Possibly so he can try again with the experiments? Or mabye he is trying to kill the rampant Doctor Maxis?

Doctor Maxis - Heard of briefy in the radio transmission from Shi No Numa "Find Doctor Ric(static) and Doctor Max, they may know what's going on". After searching through the internet however, I came across an interesting theory about Doctor Maxis, the voice head over the radio in the spawn room, trying to train the zombies is Doctor Maxis. He is trying to see if he can turn people into zombies and them control them for his purposes. Then he contaminated his daughters dog "fluffy" with Element 115 and he tried to control him too. His daughter got upset and Dr. Maxis got really angry that she found out. Dr. Maxis's Assistant (Could this be Dr. Richtofen?) then locked Dr. Maxis in the teleporter. It then turned him into the "Giant Zombie". Dr. Maxis then has been seeking revenge and sending his zombies and dogs to kill all humanity. Its his voice that says "Fetch me thier souls!" Also he then ended up tainting Samantha (Dr. maxis's daughter) and put her teddy bear into the box. Her Soul is haunting the mystery box and she gives you the teddy bear and is also the voice you can supposidly hear who says various things such as "No treat for you" and after you have obtained the "Elevate your Senses" achievement she is the one who plays the game of "Hide and Seek" with you. It is evident that Doctor Maxis is attempting to use 115 to control the Zombies but as heard in one the radios, when he used Element 115 on the Zombies and attempted to send it through the teleporter it "turned into the same state as the previous test subjects" also by the responce of Dr. Maxis' assistant in the background who you can hear saying "Oh my God.." you can tell that whatever happened to the subject, wasn't very good. Maxis then shouts "clean the test chamber!" which confirms that the Test Subject must have turned into a pile of goo, or something along those lines, as mentioned before Dr. Maxis did experiments on his daughters dog, "Fluffy", I believe that, asd heard on the radio, "My God Maxis, it was succesful, it has dissapeared!" but then Maxis claiming "No you fool, it has dissapeared but has not re-appeared, another failure." that the dog must have dissapeared through the teleporter and has become stuck in some sort of "Alternate time stream" but with it's exposure to Element 115, it is evident that it is become the flaming hellhounds that we know of, this would also explain that why when you use the teleporters sometimes dogs with randomly spawn, it is possible that this is Doctor Maxis' "spirit" controlling these dogs and the zombies, respectively, or that the dogs are slipping out of the time stream as you go through it. Dr. Maxis however, is controlling the dogs on Shi No Numa and Der Riese during the "dog rounds" especially on Shi No Numa as his voice can be heard saying "Fetch me their souls!" which is, as mentioned above his power as the "Giant Zombie", so in the end, he got what he wanted, an army of undead under his control, however he himself had to become undead in order to do it.

Samantha Maxis - Otherwise known as "Sam", Treyarch sneakly attempting to mis-lead us here by maxing us believe that Sam was a boy, however the new theory emerging of Maxis becoming "The Giant Zombie" and tainting his daughters soul and placing her Teddy Bear into the box, which destroys the box when it comes up, whether "Samantha" is willingly doing this, or like her other un-dead counterparts, is being controlled by Maxis and forced to try and cause the players death, Samantha is also the controller of the "Hide and Seek" mini-game (Which can be found here -
YouTube - Call of Duty Der Riese :: Fly Trap guide with Hidden Easter Egg JUST UPDATED!, however, it is even more sinister how it seems that Samantha is in control of the "Teddy Bear" and "Monkey Bomb" but turns them into very evil things, in the mini-game, we see the Teddy Bear holding a knife, an gun and the Monkey with the Molotov, it is ironic how things men't to amuse and entertain a child are being used in menacing ways. To futher back up the theory of Samantha being in control of the "Monkey Bomb" is that occasionaly when you go to throw a Monkey Bomb it will say "Hey wait, your not Sam" which shows that when she was alive mabye Samantha used to play with these toys but is now using them for different purposes.

Maxis's Assistant - Not much is known about him, we know that he apparently forced Maxis into the teleporter which caused him to become "The Giant", we know aswell that he helped Maxis during his experiments with the Zombies and the teleporters, however, recently I discovered something which has yet to be confirmed but could possibly be something towards the Assistant, since I could not get any pictures or a video, I will have to describe the location to you, there are three teleporter rooms, two which cost 1250 points to open to door to them and one which costs 750 points, work your way to the one with 750 points and once you are in it, go outside to the metal balcony which is the left exit as you come through the door, you will know you are in the right place if there is a random weapons box spawn point, when you are here look outwards, you will see a building with holes in the side which has strange symbols on the wall, futher to the left there is a hanging man (Similar to the hanging man in the spawn room on Shi No Numa), only the legs can be seen but it MAY be possible that this could have been Maxis' assistant, did he hang himself once he realised what he had done? Or did someone or something hang him?

Sophia - The only mention of this person is through one of the phone Easter Eggs in Der Riese, again, I have to picture or video footage so I will have to direct you, once you have activated the power, open the door into the Bowie Knife teleporter room, go to the right as soon as you go through the big door and drop down through the broken floorboards in the "Quick Revive" room, once you have done this go to the very end of the tunnel and hidden behind a broken wooden plank will be a phone, hold "X" next to the phone and it will start playing the message, (the message is about 1 minute long, so I suggest having someone make a "crawler" Zombie while you listen to it, the message is very long and would take a while to type it all out, so I will describe the most important parts, the very start claims is Dr. Maxis talking, he says "Sophia (Must be either his wife or possibly his secretary?) this message is to go to the Reichstag, to the German High command" this suggests that this entire "Nazi Zombie" project is the Nazi's attempt to turn the war in their favour, however, it has evidently got out of hand and other countries have had to get involved in attempt to contain the outbreak, as the American message in Shi No Numa suggests "Derese must remain (static) at all costs, I repeat, The Giant must remain (static) at all costs." They are clearly desperate to contain the Zombies after the incidents in Nacht Der Untoten and Verruct, however, the phone message was obviously made when the project was still secret, as near the end of the message Doctor Maxis claims that "The High Command must not cut of my funding, we need more of 115 and we have located a large supply in the Americans, Nevada base (Area 51?! could this be a hint to the location of the next Zombie map?)" The end of the message also shows, that, before the incident got out of hand they were competing with the Americans to make this "super weapon/project", if the Nazi's were successful they would indeed possibly be able to "Win this war!" as Dr. Maxis claims at the end of the phone message.

The Maps
Nacht Der Untoten - Many people believe that this is not related to the main storyline at all as Treyarch did not predict Nazi Zombie's to be so popular, I have to agree, the only referance I could find to Nacht Der Untoten to any of the other Zombie maps was that when, travelling through the teleporters on Der Riese you can quickly see the message "You must ascend from the darkness" flash up, this is obviously a referance to the message above the stairs on Nacht Der Untoten.

Verruct - The first example of the experiments being carried out, could the Nazi's have found a supply of Element 115 near the asylum? was this the original testing place on the Zombies? I think that mabye, this was the original testing place on the Zombie's but they then moved to Der Riese when they realised that they needed a larger supply of Element 115, the basic things you find out about the storyline here are the "Teddy is a liar" message, which can also be seen on one of the walls on Der Riese, a bit futher to the left of the hanging man (mentioned before), which is a referance to Samantha Maxis, Doctor Maxis' corrupted daughter, mabye the "Undead" power of Doctor Maxis and all that he controls can only reach to where he has previously been in his life, similar to the ideas of, a ghost can only haunt where it has visited in it's life. Mabye Doctor Maxis uses the teleporters in Der Riese to send the Zombies to do his work alongside the Hellhounds found in Shi No Numa, mabye he can only teleport them when a source of Element 115 can be found in that area? (The Meteor in Shi No Numa) However it is apparent that a large dose of Element 115 can also kill the Zombies and Hellhounds as seen when you shoot them with the Wunderwaffe Dg-2 and when you activate a teleporter and they walk into it. Does Element 115 also power the teleporters? It is possible.

Shi No Numa - The first example of the Hellhounds, also the referance to "Tunguska" on the wall of a hut, a meteor event where (In real life) Scientists found an "Alien Substance", no this does not mean it was an "alien" it simply means that it was a substance which can not be found on Earth, ingame mabye Treyarch are suggesting that this substance was Element 115, which was used by the Nazi's to create these things, this would explain how Doctor Richtofen created the Wunderwaffe Dg-2 using the substance he found from the meteor "Element 115". Also in Shi No Numa, there is a note in German, when translated it becomes "The Globe", could this possibly be what Doctor Maxis intend to take over with his Un-dead army?

Der Riese - Since I have covered the radio and phone Easter Eggs, I will cover the various other things found in the Map, the first thing is the Blackboards, the most obvious thing seen on the Blackboards is "Experiment 935 was a success", was Element 115 the first thing they managed to send through the teleporter but it did not come back? We heard it on the radio, however, Maxis regarded the experiment as a "failure", could the assistant have wrote this on the blackboard, alongside the other various formulas. The other things on the map are, when you hold X near the notice boards with the map of Germany on, while playing as Dempsey he will claim "What were they looking for!?" What were they looking for? Was is Element 115? A new place to experiment on the Zombies? Or was it, if the Zombie experiment was a success, a place where they could deploy/teleport them into battle? Finally, the three brains scattered around the map, when approached they make the same sound as the Meteor on Shi No Numa, could the brains be submerged in Element 115? Were they doing experiments with different doses to see which ones could best control the zombies? Or was it to see how much damage the brain could take while submerged in Element 115?
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Re: Der Reise Easter Eggs & Story Part 1 & 2

Aug 8, 2009
very intresting and do you think there will be a giant zombie in the next map pack?
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Re: Der Reise Easter Eggs & Story Part 1 & 2

Aug 8, 2009

Der Riese means 'the giant'. It seems more likely that the radio messages would be pointing towards the containment of the actual facility itself rather than that Dr. Maxis had literally become a giant zombie. Also, in Shi No Numa, one of the radio messages gives you the numbers for the lat. and long. of area 51. It's entirely possible that area 51 is going to be the next map. (hopefully)


Check these vids out:

The Story Behind Nazi Zombies

The Story Behind Nazi Zombies Revisited


Seems like this guy had a pretty good idea before the last map even came out >_>

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Re: Der Reise Easter Eggs & Story Part 1 & 2

Aug 8, 2009
i read somewhere that once you activate the flytrap then you can get the type 99 out of the mystery box
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