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~~Imperial Zombies: Shi No Numa Guide~~

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So I am going to make a guide for zombies at the new Shi No Numa map, similar to IZL's guide found here.





I will make a better image once I play the game more, but for now, this will do.

The Basics
I am Midway and I play to play Zombies a lot so I can make a guide for fellow PS users to help give you all strategies and helpful hints to let you zombie experience last longer.  Shi No Numa (Swamp of Death) pack great fun into an intense new zombies map. You can play with 1-4 people:
  • Single player:
    • Main Menu -> Solo -> Mission Select -> Shi No Numa
  • Split-Screen (2 Player Max):
    • Cooperative -> Split-Screen -> Settings -> Game Mode -> Nazi Zombies -> Shi No Numa
  • Online  (1-3 Player(s) In your party)
    • Cooperative -> Play Online -> Find Game -> Nazi Zombies -> Shi No Numa
  • Online  (4 Players In your party)
    • Cooperative -> Play Online -> Private Match -> Settings -> Game Mode -> Shi No Numa

There are 7 rooms in Shi No Numa: The room you start in, the first room you can open up, downstairs underneath where you start (where the mystery box starts) and the 4 side huts (Doctors Quarter, Fishing hut, Storage Hut, and Comm Room). 
The first room has 4 windows where a zombie can enter, a trap door leading to the basement (bottom floor)that can be unlocked for 1,000 points, anda cage door that can be unlocked for 1,000 points. If you open the cage door, you can go through a small room and down a flight of stairs to the basement. From there you can acces the mystery box. At each corner of the basement, there is another door, that cost 1,000 to open. These doors lead you to the 4 corner rooms, after going through a swamp.
  •  Zombies

o   Taking off planks and climbing through windows

o   Spawning in swamp

  • Hell Hounds
o   Spawn Randomly inside area you are located and attack you


  • Zombies will come up and attack you after they have entered the building you are located. They will swing their arms at you trying to drop you into Last Stand or Second Chance Mode 
  • You will drop into last stand witha pistol (even if you don't have on), a magnum pistol, or a ray gun.
  • Watch out! Zombies attack through the windows, even if they are boardedup. So don't stand to close.
  • If you fall into last stand, even if being revived, you lose all perks you have.
  • If a player does die, he loses all of his weapons, and will respawn at the beginning of the next level.
  • To Revive a player, go up to them, look at them, and push square. It takes a few seconds unless you have the quick revive perk.
  • The game is over when all players are dead.
  • Speed Cola: Quick reload, 3,000 points
  • Jugger-nog: Increased health, 2,500 points
  • Quick Revive: Revive fallen teammates in half the time, 1,500 points 
  • Double Tap Root Beer: Shoots automatic guns twice as fast, 2,000 points

The perks are very helpful in this game, but like everything, cost money. Speed Cola and Jugger-nog are almost esstential in the higher rounds. Quick Revive can also be very helpful. Double Tap is basically useless, and the only point for it is to get the trophy. Speed Cola is very helpful, especially when you are on the run and have to reload. Also, juggernaut is extremely helpful because you can survive a few more hits from the zombies. 

  • Ka-Boom: Kills all zombies in your area
  • Max Ammo: Very useful. If you can, have everyone reload there weapons before getting the pick-up
  • Inst-Kill: Also very useful becaise the zombies die instantly when shot at. Use your weaker guns, and/or your knife if possible.
  • Double Points: This can be pretty helpful, butdon't go risking your life to get it. Only if it is close.
All pick-ups last 30 secondsbefore disapearing, and if you get one, they last 30 seconds of effectiveness. If you are being attacked, but there is a ka-boom, run to it. Even the ones attacking you will be killed. A Ka-boom gives you 400 points as well, so at the earlier levels, this is very helpful.  In the first round, one zombie always has a pick-up. Since they can be killed in one knife kill, allow them to come into the room so you can get one of the power ups. If you are lucky, it will be max ammo. Also, in a round with hell hounds, the last dog always leaves a max ammo so make sure you take advantage and reload before grabbing it. 
Trophy Guide: Thanks to XGmeltdown





 - ??? - 'Dead Air' - Must have been a wrong number. You get the trophy by simply going to the 'Comm Room' and in the building there is a telephone on top of a desk, go up to it and and hold the square button down three times. 


Hammer Time - Repair 200 window boards in a single game. This trophy is not hard at all but if you want it right away than focus on the windows rather than just running around shooting the zombies. I got it at around level 21. Tip: When your team moves into one of the four buildings always be the one guarding the windows, this will help a lot.


It's a Trap! - Kill at least one zombie with three different traps in a single round. This is not hard at all either. It's best to play by your self for this one, that's what I did. Just have Fisher's Hut and another building open. Make sure you have at least 3000 points. Start at the beginning of a round by activating the electric shock defence system in one of the four buildings, as soon as it goes off run to the flogger and turn it on then go into another building and activate it's electric shock defense system and you'll get the trophy. No, Betties do not count and you must do all of this in a single ROUND.


Weapon of Minor Destruction - Kill no more than one zombie with a Nuke. This one is also very easy and better to do playing by yourself. Let the zombies come inside the first few rounds and hope for a Nuke (The pick up that looks like a Blimp) and then keep one zombie at a window and the pick it up.


Perk-a-Holic - Have all four Perks simultaneosly active in a game of Nazi Zombies. This is another easy one. You have to have all four perks at the same time. Meaning you would have to have opened all four buildings in the corners of the map. You will eventually get it, more likely when Jugger-Nogg comes in the First building.


Fertilizer Man - Kill 200 zombies in a single game. I belive in you.


Dead-Head - Get 150 Zombie Headshots in a single game. Always aim at the zombies head. It's best to always guard a window when your at one of the four buildings and use certain weapons. (MG42, Browning, B.A.R., Thompson)< These are better for getting a more precise shot.


Big Baller - Earn 75,000 Points in a single Nazi Zombies game. Easy, try and be the one building up the window boards most of the time, and get headshots. I got this trophy around level 22.


Big Brawler - Get 10 consectutive zombie kills before Insta-Kill expires. Be out in the open once your team picks up Insta-Kill and just run around knifing the sh*t out of zombies. It's not hard, and it's best to have Jugger-Nogg active but not a must.


Soul Survivor - Reach round 15 in Nazi Zombies with out getting revived. Don't be stupid. and it's best not to go for headshots when trying to get this trophy, just shoot zombies and don't worry about anything else and make sure you can get Speed-Cola and Jugger-Nogg as soon as possible.


 Zipline, Flogger, and Zappers
The zipline is activate at the bottom of Doctor's Quarters. Right outside the Doctors Quarters, there is a switch to activate he zipline. It is free to activate it, and it brings the zipline down to doctors quarters. There 4 people can easily stand on the platform. There is another switch on the zipline that can be activated for 1,500 points. This switch starts the zipline and brings you up to the second floor.  You cannot use the zipline until after round 3, so the start of round 4.
The Flogger can be activated for 750 points either downstairs near where you start at, or through the flogger, in between the flogger and the fishing hut. In order to turn on the flogger though, you need to enter the gate to the fishing hut. The Flogger is great for killing zombies, and if you are on the run, either to or from the fish net, it is never a bad idea to turn on the flogger to help yourself out. But be careful, as if you run through it, it will kill you. You can crouch through it though.
Zappers are located at the entrance of each of the four huts. They cost 1,000 points to be activated and work for about a minute or so. Any zombies OR Hell hound that walks through them will be killed. Don't even waste ammo shooting at them, unless you need the points. This is good if you are being overcome by zombies in the hut. Just turn it on and you won't have to worry about zombies coming from the swamp. But be careful, because you can only use them once every round or two. They take a few minutes to recharge after use. Be Careful though! If you run through these without jugger-nog, it will drop you to last stand. If you have jugger-nog, it will just injure you.


Mystery Box
The Mystery Box is what makes this game interesting. For 950 points, you can test your look trying to get a gun. Maybe a ray gun, or maybe some Molotovs you never know what gun you are going to get. Or do you? Something I have discovered, is the color of the question marks. If you watch closely, they change from gold to white and back to gold. If you push square (to buy) right when it is at its brightest white, you are more likely to get a better gun. I just did this and had a Ray gun and wunderwaffe by level 8. But the exact timing is hard to say. You just have to practice. Thy mystery box starts off underneath where you start, and can either be accessed through a gate or stairs, which each cost 1,000 points to open. Unfortunately, there is the teddy bear. Not always bad though, the bear moves to mystery box to one of 5 other locations across the map. The new location of the mystery box is easily found by looking for the light, Out of the hut where the location of the Mystery Box is a tall, big greenish-yellow light reaching to the sky.







  • Colt (pistol you start with)
  • Single shot rifles (excluding PTRS)
  • Molotov


These guns are ok at the very early levels, or with insta-kill, but otherwise, they are bad and do not get the job done.The Molotov is the absolute worst weapon in the game.



  • Semi-Auto Rifles (Gewehr and M1 Garand)  
  • Flamethrower


The semi-auto rifles are ok, but after about level 6 or 7, more then one of the small clips is need to kill a zombies and the reload time will get you easily swamped with zombies. The flamethrower is great during insta-kill, and doesn't actually have to use ammo, but it is really weak and will make a big mess. Your zombie teammates won't be able to see the zombies through all the fire.



  • Submachine guns (Thompson, MP40, Type-100)
  • Shotguns (Trench, Double Barrel, Sawed off)
  • PTRS
  • STG-44
  • Grenades
  • BAR


These guns are good through round 10 or so. Maybe a little longer with the submachine guns, but after level 13 or 14ish, they become very weak becuase they always have to be reloaded. The SMG's are good at the lower levels, and seem to get a lot of headshots. The Trenchgun (shotgun) is a oe hit kill until around 7 or 8, and is good at the lower levels with 6 shells. The double barrel is a one shot kill until around level 10, but with only two shots, it is not the best when you have to reload after every two shots. The PTRS is really good at the lower levels, but after about 8 or 9, the slow rate of fire and long reload times really make this gun not worth it. You can snipe down the swamps, or easily no scope the zombies at the windows with ease at the lower levels though. Grenades can be really helpful because they will get you crawler zombies, but aren't the best because they don't kill zombies. The BAR is a good weapon for guarding the windows, and can also be found on the wall.



  • PPSH 
  • FG-42
  • .357 Magnum


The PPSH is really good at close range because it shoots fast, is pwerful to the punch, and blows zombies heads off. It is pretty good with reload time and has a manageabe clip, but make sure you have another good weapon to back it up. It runs out of ammo quick, and usually without a max ammo, you won't make it through an entire round with it (after round 8 or so). The FG-42 is similar to the PPSH as it shoots quick and has a decent reload, but also runs out of ammo quick. The Magnum is a one hit kill up to about round 10 or so, and with 6 bullets to a clip, is effective. But slow reload time really hurts at the higher rounds, and isn't worth the hassle unless you have speed cola. 



  •  Machine Guns (MG-42 and Browning)


These machine guns are really helpful to mowing down waves of zombies and other then the ray gun, are the best you can get. It is best to shoot these weapons in bursts to conserve ammo, and to keep the recoil less. The browning especially recoils up, but also jumps to the left and right so watch out. The only drawbacks are the slow speed of your guy and the slow reload time. Speed cola is extremely helpful if you have a MG. Another thing I have found out is if you have a lighter gun like a ray gun or MP40 as your second gun, when running from place to place, pull out the lighter gun. If you put the Browning or MG42 on your back and pull out your lighter secondary weapon, you would run as fast as if you only have the lighter weapon. Make sure you reload before grabbing a max ammo.  **If I say MG in this guide, I am referring to theBrowning and MG-42**



  • Ray Gun
  • Wunderwaffe DG-2


The Ray gun is basically a one shot kill no matter what level you are on. The only way to get either of these weapons is through the mystery box. The Ray gun has a pretty big clip (20 I believe) and is a pretty quick reload, extremely fast with speed cola. Sometimes when shot at below the waste, the zombie falls to the floor and is a crawler.  Also, if you shoot at a wall right in front of you, or at a zombie right in front of you, the affect of the ray gun blast will injure you, maybe even drop you into last stand so watch out. The Wunderwaffe is a great gun if there is a big heap of zombies coming after you. One shot will electrocut the zombie and all the zombies right around him. But this gun only has 3 shots to a clip, and has 18 total shots and reloads slow. So watch out and have a strong secondary weapon.




  • "Does there have to be a music Easter Egg in EVERY map?!" — Dempsey, after activating the telephone (Which gives you the Dead Air achievement/trophy).
  • "I'm out of vodka, I mean ammo." — Nikolai when his gun is out of ammunition.
  • "Just what we needed, although some vodka would be nice." — Nikolai, after obtaining the Max Ammo power-up. "**bleep**, you will pay!" — Takeo before being revived.
  • "Ka-**bleep**ing-boom, freak-bags!" — Dempsey when getting the Nuke power-up.
  • "Lead is gonna fly, and heads are gonna roll!" — Dempsey, after obtaining any machine gun.
  • "Stay away from my Vodka!" — Nikolai, after killing a zombie or Hellhound.
  • "Keep that fire away from my Vodka!" — Nikolai when the Nuke power-up is obtained and he is near a group of zombies when they exploded into flames.
  • "Ahh, my old friend! how I have missed you!" — Richtofen after he gets the Wunderwaffe DG-2 out of the Mystery box.
  • "Those sure don't sound like freak-bags!" — Dempsey after hearing a Hellhound growl.
  • "The Wunderwaffe DG-2! My greatest invention!" — Richtofen after getting the Wunderwaffe DG-2.
  • "For the Emperor!" — Takeo after obtaining a Machine Gun.
  • "Ah, the same weapon I used to kill my first wife. She was a **bleep**!" — Nikolai after getting a Double-Barreled Shotgun.
  • "Go ahead Slackjaw, Make my day!" — Dempsey, after getting a .357 Magnum, obviously a reference to the film Dirty Harry.
  • "I feel like DANCING!" — Richtofen, after obtaining Speed Cola
  • "His head is gone! SUCH JOY!" — Richtofen, after scoring a headshot
  • "Who do you think you are, **bleep**ing Rasputin? Stay dead this time!" — Nikolai, after killing a zombie
  • "My daughter always loved that **bleep**ing Teddy bear!" — Nikolai after recieving the Teddy Bear
  • "His head exploded, such Joy!" — Richtofen after getting a headshot


(Rasputin was one of the men who brought down the Russian Empire. When he was assassinated, the assassins had trouble killing him at first, because he was immune to the poison that was in the cake and wine they fed him!)



Bouncing Betties

Bouncing Betties can be a life saver. For 1,000 points, Betties can be bought on the wall on the bottom floor downstairs in the main room. They are on the fall near the flogger. To use one, push right on the D-pad, and then R1. You get 2 at the start of every round, and previous betties stay if not blown up. One thing that I can't stand are people that don't know where to place bouncing betties. It is pointless to place a betty outside the hut because zombies will always go there. It is also pointless to put them right where you are standing watching the door. You should put them SPREAD OUT throughout the hut you are in, a good distance away from the zappers. That way, if zombies over take you, all you have to do is back up into the hut, all the way to the back wall, and let the zombies die from the betties. Make sure you don't put them too close to each other or they will both go off, and it will be a waste.



General Strategies


These should be applied no matter what actual game strategie you are using

  • By Level 15, everyone should either have a ray gun or a MG
  • By Level 20, all players should have a ray gun and a MG, with one person having a ray gun and Wunderwaffle. 
  • By Level 20, all 4 swamps should be opened, and if you die, you should be running to get Jugger-nog, Speed Cola, and Quick Revive at the end of each round
  • Crawler zombies are harder to get, so your best bet is to hold a zombie at the window at the end of each round
  • By Level 15, Everyone should have bouncing betties
  • The player(s) with stronger weapons should always watch the door. A player with a MG or Ray Gun should be watching the door, where as a person with an gun in the average category should watch the windows. Also, if a person has perks, speed cola and jugger-nog to be exact, they should also be watching the door.
    • With 2 players, 1 should watch the front and the other should watch the windows while helping with the front
    • With 3 players, 1 should watch the door, 1 should watch the windows, and 1 should watch the door, but help with the windows.
    • With 4 players, 2 should watch the door, and 2 should watch the windows
  • Have the person with the most points open doors
  • At level 1, Let the zombies come all the way though the boards into the room becuase one usually has a pick up. If you are lucky, it will be max ammo or Ka-boom. You might not think the ka-boom is good because you don't get kills, but you get 400 points, which is mor then you would get by killing them. Once they enter, Knife them because you get more points for a knife kill. 
 In-Game Strategies

Single Player: Thanks to XGmeltdown


Round 1-3 - Stay in the first room. For Rounds 1 and 2 try and just melee (knife) the zombies to save points. Round 3 you can start shooting the zombies about four to five times and then kill them with a melee.

*Tip: Rebuild window boards but stop when ever you no longer earn points for building them up. Wait until the next round to finish rebuilding the window. Don't buy the Airaska or the Ghewer. 


Round 4-6 - At the start of Round 4 open up the stair case, not the gate. Go to the wall behind the Mystery Box and buy the Thompson for 1200 points. Then go into the room with the door to the Storage Building. *Do not open Storage. Hang in here until you run out of ammo on your pistol. Then go to the Mystery Box and open it up, if you get a Molotov, Panzershrek, or Bolt Action Rifle. Open it up one more time. No luck? Head back into the room with the Storage door. Use your Thomspon until the round ends. Open up the Mystery Box again and get the weapon for your Colt. Hang out in the same room as before for Round 5 and 6.

*Tip: Always aim at the head of the zombies. Reload every chance you get. 


Round 7-Death - Keep opening the Mystery Box until you get one of these weapons, MG-42, Browning, Ray Gun, Wunderwaffe DG-2, PPSH. As soon as you can you need to open up the Comm Room. Defend your self until you get to the door of the building. Do Not open it up unless you have at least 3250 points. Once you do open it up and only buy the Perk if it is Jugger-Nogg. Every time you get the chance and the points, you need to open up all of the other three building until you find the Jugger-Nogg Perk. Once you got it go back to the Mystery Box and make sure you have a Wunderwaffe DG-2 or Ray Gun, your second weapon should be the Browning, PPSH, MG-42. DO NOT carry the Ray Gun and the Wunderwaffe! < Although that sounds like a monster combination of two weapons you going to finsish the game by blowing your self up.


   By Round 10 you should have all that is needed. It is better to have Speed-Cola as well. Now go into the Comm Room and run around the swamp and try to stay on the walkings, not the water. If you see a zombie don't shoot it, just run past it. Go around the circle just twice and then once you come out of one of the buildings turn around and shoot the zombies as they come out. It's best to have the Wunderwaffe to do this. Keep this going and your bound to survive at least to Round 20.

 Tip* Use your smallest gun when running around. (It makes you run faster) Throw grenades to make crawlers so that you have time to get perks at the end of Rounds.



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Re: ~~Imperial Zombies: Shi No Numa Guide~~

Jun 12, 2009
Thanks for the info, i am picking this up tonite. kudos
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Re: ~~Imperial Zombies: Shi No Numa Guide~~

Jun 12, 2009
Just updated perks and pick ups. Correct me if I am wrong on anything
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Re: ~~Imperial Zombies: Shi No Numa Guide~~

Jun 12, 2009
Anyone know what it means when it says "Look for the light to find the box" ? Theres writing above the magic box that says "Look up to see the light". What the hell is the light?
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Re: ~~Imperial Zombies: Shi No Numa Guide~~

Jun 12, 2009

IDeMoNI wrote:
Anyone know what it means when it says "Look for the light to find the box" ? Theres writing above the magic box that says "Look up to see the light". What the hell is the light?

When you get the teddy bear, there is 5 other place it could go. the 4 huts and upstairs (depending where you are at). If you look at the huts and see a big green light coming from it, that is where the mystery box is...

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Re: ~~Imperial Zombies: Shi No Numa Guide~~

Jun 12, 2009

You can also talk about the trophies that you can get in Shi No Numa

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Re: ~~Imperial Zombies: Shi No Numa Guide~~

Jun 12, 2009
Looks good so far, good luck. Looking forward to seeing the maps
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Re: ~~Imperial Zombies: Shi No Numa Guide~~

Jun 12, 2009
how is the zipline activated ? .... i have looked for a switch and can't find one , or do you have to turn the power on somewhere, like in map pack 1 ? thank you for any advice you guy/gals might have
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Re: ~~Imperial Zombies: Shi No Numa Guide~~

Jun 12, 2009

madmax29 wrote:
how is the zipline activated ? .... i have looked for a switch and can't find one , or do you have to turn the power on somewhere, like in map pack 1 ? thank you for any advice you guy/gals might have


Go to the doctors quarters or something like that.  Around the hut (@ the Doctor's Quarter), there will be a switch to activate the zipline.  Then the zipline will come from the center building to the doctors area.  Once you want to ride it, get on it and pay 1500 to ride it back to the center building.
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Re: ~~Imperial Zombies: Shi No Numa Guide~~

Jun 12, 2009
aaahhh ok ... thank you so much , i was going nuts trying to find it
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