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Re: Is Black Ops's zombies really better than MW3's survival mode?

Sep 30, 2013

This is a general reply to those that say zombies has a story. It was started in W@W with the developers trying to add something to the game to top the Mile High Club mission at the end of COD 4. Zombies was first created as an extra after campaign completion. However not many people were playing it because they were so into multiplayer. So they came up with an update to make it a starting feature. During gameplay a rumor started that the zombies were saying SAM. Treyarch then decided to build a story around that which gave rise to group 935, element 115, Richtofen, Maxis, Samantha, Fluffy, Dempsy, Takeo and Nikolai. This is how zombies got it's story. FROM A RUMOR. Remember MW3 survival has only been around for a year and 3/4 so a story could develop in the coming games. Overall  IMO Survival > Zombies.

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