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Sep 30 2013
By: CFRESH-2013 Lombax Warrior 147 posts

Top 5 best and worst guns of BO2?

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I wanna know others opinions on their top 5 best and top 5 worst guns. I'm talking about performance using this gun and what annoys you the most going against people using certain guns. Again i love to hear people's opinions on certain things and this is one of those things. Top 5 best, list what you like about these guns you've chosen. Top5 worst, list what you don't like about these guns you've chosen. 


My top 5 best would be:

1. Scar-H- because it takes 3-4 shots to kill from either range. Despite its recoil, it's the only flaw that concerns me.

2. AN-94- it is just like the Scar-H and M27 combined. Little recoil and a high power output.

3. M27- It has the least recoil in its class, but also the weakest. Best mid to long range weapon with a pistol to make up for close range.

4. MP7- Moderate recoil, good with any sight, and decent power.

5. Skorpion Evo- highest rpm, moderate recoil, and kills quickly. Burns ammo quickly; the only bad thing about this gun


Top 5 worst:

1. XPR-50- the ugliest sniper rifle i've ever seen yet. It was hard to get this gun gold.

2. SMR- I always break even or get a k/d of under 1.00 in most of the matches i used this gun in. I always get killed against people who use this gun.

3. Swat-556- I always hated single burst kills. This gun didn't work for me because I didn't like how it looked and the reloading animation didn't suit me either.

4. Crossbow- hit detection downright horrible. Tri-bolt makes it better, but wastes ammo quickly and hardly ever run scavenger.

5. Chicom CQB- fires too fast going against people who use this gun. It looks a bit overpowered and had very little recoil. This gun doesn't suit me, but was fairly easy to get gold, that's a plus.


This topic is opinion-based and please keep it rage free if you didn't like what I posted. Again, I just want to read others opinions.

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