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Feb 04 2013
By: EliteBeast00 First Son 1 posts

need a clan to join any offers

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im not that looking for a free speech,and a "friendly" environment..i play hardcore team deathmatch. thanks and my gamertag is  EliteBeast00

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First Son
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Re: need a clan to join any offers

Feb 4, 2013 im trying to start a new clan plz check it out 

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Lombax Warrior
Registered: 01/20/2013
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Re: need a clan to join any offers

Feb 4, 2013
KMS is now recruiting new members for Black Ops 2 on PS3.

We are a dedicated family and are looking for more like minded members who are more concerned about enjoying themselves than their K/D ratios. We love to win but its all about having fun.

KMS are recruiting now, we have members all over the world so theres always someone around to play with. We are an elite clan with members who do clan challenges and have team for both NA and EU game battles. Stats are not important to us as long as you are a team player, want to have fun and communicate with other members on the site and in game.

-Age limit 16+ (waverable based on maturity
- Location: We have players from all over the world
- Microphone is required as communication is the key

Recruiter: MidniteRidah (PSN)

Any questions please PM me or visit the site

Look forward to seeing you on the site and in the game.
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Re: need a clan to join any offers

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Feb 5, 2013
 photo EXOCLANADVbiggertext.png

Check out our site, or look me up on PSN.. :smileyhappy:

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First Son
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Re: need a clan to join any offers

Mar 7, 2013

hiya add me killingcult2012 i  have a new clan(dead or alive 96) ur free to join 

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Hekseville Citizen
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Re: need a clan to join any offers

Mar 8, 2013

My Clan Is Recruiting  - NEW DiViDE - || K.D Ratio 1.35 || SPM 310.31 || 715 Hours Played || Level 14 & Active.


Just add me on PSN SONIC3388 and apply to our clan :smileyhappy:
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First Son
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Re: need a clan to join any offers

Mar 15, 2013
The Blitzkrieg Gaming Clan needs you!

We are within the top 100 clans between American, Canadian and UK servers with over 60 members and growing!

Clan Level 27 with a Clan Op Gold Streak of 23! ^.^'

Blitzkrieg is a fast growing, and highly experienced gaming clan for the PlayStation 3 platform. We were founded February 25, 2010 and have been expanding our influence ever since. We provide an active forum, mature member base, and strong leadership. Currently we are exclusive to Call of Duty: Black Ops II, but we have a Battlefield 3 division, and will be expanding into Grand Theft Auto V once the game is released. Skill level is not our main focus. We look for dedication, maturity, and a will to improve. We help you develop your skill and shape it properly with routine weekly Boot Camps.

The setup of our clan is very simple and straight forward. It gives easy to learn ranks and leadership positions, allowing all members to understand the chain of command. Members always know who to direct their questions or concerns to based off of different criteria. We have a very open ranking system that gives members the opportunity to rise up to a new position. Everyone has the opportunity to lead the clan and insure that Blitzkrieg remains fun and professional.

We provide our clan with an ever growing amount of features:
» Professional, one-of-a-kind website
» Discussion Forums
» Activities
» Relaxed community
» Skilled players
» Training
» Very generous sponsors and contributors
» Skilled graphics designers
» Highly experienced and hardworking clan leaders
» Scaleable member ranks
» Prizes and giveaways
» Clan Operations and other competitions
» Clear guidelines and operations
» Long-term friendships
» A focus on YOU
…And much more

I hope you choose to check us out. I know you won’t be disappointed.
If you have any questions, or if you would like to apply, please use the following to contact me or our Recruiting Team:

- Send me a private message (PM)
- Visit our Elite page at
- Visit our Recruitment Forum at
- Email us at

Thank you for your time. We eagerly await your response.
"Accept Death. Be truly alive." - Master Darke "Yes, sir. My Master." - Kanosa Darke

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Monster Hunter
Registered: 04/06/2013
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Re: need a clan to join any offers

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Apr 24, 2013
Who is Wizard Gaming, and what do we do?

Wizard Gaming is an new gaming community focused on Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, but we are open to lots of other games as well competition as well as public matches

Wizard Gaming is now opening recruitment for intelligent gamers looking to contribute to our community.

-Not hardcore? Not a problem!-

We understand your real life obligations. From devoted students, to seasoned business, military, and media professionals, Wizard Gaming isn't your average team. Real life comes first, but that doesn't mean we don't give every minute of play our best effort. Come when you can, and game hard!

We would like to encourage you to apply, regardless of your real-life schedule concerns, as a "member" on our website!, chat with a group of gamers interested in improving themselves.

-Want to lead? Want your voice heard? The opportunities are here!-

Wizard Gaming understands your need to be heard, and we provide open, effective leaders who don't get off on abusing their power. As you advance as a gamer, we're happy to see you advance as a leader. Our community members are valued, and we want them to know that every time they log in.


-Make sure you tell them i recruited you on your application! -

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