Apr 07 2013
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there are cheat glitches!!(

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there are glitches that people ues to cheat with! there is the invisable glitch,where people can not see them and they can kill but can't b seen to be killed! there is the knife glitch where u can use the ballistic knives to where it takes alot longer for someone to kill you! there is a glitch to where you just dont die only just when  your hit but a rocket!! I dont know how to use those glitches,butt there are others that know and use them so if thats not cheating i don't know what is. All my kills and wins come from me useing two weapons guns and bouncing bettys i only pull the china lake out on campers and shotguns when im hit with the shotgun many times, so yes i will use shotgun when im hit buy noob tubers and shooties! the two guns i use is the m16 and the uzi.sometimes m60 but i dont like it much! and yes i understand that everyone game can lagg but when your lagg to where its hard to for someone to kill you don't talk sht saying your better then them cause they unload a clip in you and you don't die but turn around and kill them that just means your lagging!! EVERYONE LAGGS remember that befor you talk crapp on how your better then them! I'm not the best and never mean to be but I know im not the worst!I I dont use glitches and won't so thoes that do! I am better then you! cause i dont have to glitch cheat to win i take my loses as a man! like they say can't and will never win them all! And I've only been playing for a couple months!

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