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Oct 02 2013
By: Chedwidden Hekseville Citizen 275 posts

A Glimpse of CCP work (in-progress only!)

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Some of the matrixes here are SMALL PRINT, but click on the graphs--I think the enlarger still works.  Enjoy, but don't take a bible on stone!


The words of the CCP Devs:


"....Hi guys,
We said the other day that we would share the stats for the vehicles and now that day has finally come! These are the current stats that we are testing with in our internal build of the game. Here you will find base stats for the vehicle types, the modules, the skills and the turrets. They are not set in stone, we are still actively working with them so we’ll be interested to hear your feedback. To put this in some context I’d like to take a sec to reiterate what I ran through before.
Short version: We’ve stripped out a lot of the “noise” so that we can focus on building a solid foundation for the vehicles that we can expand on. Central to this is the balance between active and passive bonuses creating what we’ve been referring to as ‘waves of opportunity’ in combat (be it with AV infantry or other vehicles).
Long version: Many of you will have read this before but I think it bears repeating because it really covers everything that we’ve done here:
The goal is a simple one, make vehicles fun! The plan, however, is somewhat more intricate and will be implemented in a number of stages over the coming days and weeks, with the aim being for the changes to see release after 1.6.
Remove “noise” so that we can focus on the core archetypes. Right now there are simply too many things doing too much all at once. Module offerings will be streamlined to just the most necessary archetypes. Once we’ve established a solid foundation we’ll start to introduce types and build back out. Similarly, vehicle variations will be reduced and then re-implemented properly once the base interactions are working well. Skill bonuses will be adjusted.
Rebuild with a clear combat philosophy in mind.There are a number of issues with vehicle combat at the moment, but most of these are symptomatic of a bigger issue: vehicles have no clear role on the battlefield. Vehicles need to be powerful, but not overpowered. They need to be vulnerable, but not weak. They’ve been all of these things at various points in DUST’s development, but they’ve never quite found their niche. We hope to correct that by:

  • Make base vehicles susceptible. An unfitted vehicle is little more than a weak hull. Base HP does not make a vehicle powerful. Only through fitting can a vehicle become a true threat on the battlefield.
  • Active vs. passive modules. There will be a far greater emphasis on active module use than ever before. The intent here is to create “waves of opportunity” that allow vehicles to be devastating… temporarily. Active modules will greatly enhance a vehicle’s attributes, but when they enter cooldown, the vehicle is left exposed and vulnerable to attack (more on this below). This back-and-forth allows infantry to engage vehicles, but do so knowing that the vehicle’s pilot has a short window in which he can drastically alter the outcome of any engagement.
  • Clear usage profiles for modules so players intuitively know and understand why it’s better to use a particular module or set of modules in a given situation.
  • Proper feedback so that it’s easier to understand what is happening (e.g. an HAV has activated shield hardeners) and how to counter it.
  • Turrets will now have finite ammunition. Vehicle vs. vehicle combat generally boils down to two vehicles parked opposite one another firing until someone pops. This is not fun. Finite ammunition allows us to make turrets more powerful while preventing them from being a constant threat; spam a target and eventually you will run out of ammo.

Expand Once we're confident we’ve gotten the base balance right we’ll start to add back in things we’ve removed as well as introduce new elements to the mix. Pilot dropsuits, improved roles, increased infantry and vehicle interplay, and new turret types for a start...."


Active vs. Passive modules
We’re rebuilding everything with the idea that active modules will allow a vehicle to survive a single encounter, while passive modules increase its long-term surviveability across multiple encounters. Active modules will provide very significant bonuses, but once used their long recharge times leave a lone vehicle vulnerable to any follow-up attacks. Passive modules on the other hand provide permanent bonuses that are comparatively small. The breakdown is as follows:

  • Large, temporary bonuses
  • High PG/CPU costs
  • Single encounter survivability


  • Small, persistent bonuses
  • Comparatively low PG/CPU costs
  • Multiple encounter surviveability

Module Types
These are the modules that we’ll be focusing on in our first-pass rebalance:

  • Armor/Shield Hardeners (A): Massive, temporary reduction to damage received.

Used to survive short, high-DPS situations. Long cool down times discourage overuse.

  • Armor Plates / Shield Extenders (P): Small permanent HP increase

Increases long-term sustainability at the expense of the base hull’s inherent strength (shield recharge time in the case of shields and speed in the case of armor)

  • Shield Boosters (A): Instant, emergency use high HP restoration in the heat of battle. Ultra-long cool down times.

Last-ditch injection of HP and a kick-start to shield recharge.

  • Armor Repairers (P): Speed up HP recovery outside of combat

Used to make running repairs between battles (too slow to be of real use in the heat of battle)

  • Damage Amplifiers (A): Massive, temporary increase to damage dealt.

Used to “punch above your weight class” or to restore something like parity to the playing field when hardeners are used.

  • Ammo Cache (P): Increases the amount of on-board ammunition available to turrets.

Used to increase ammo capacity. Useful when not near a supply depot.
Armor vs. Shields
The low HP, constant regen rate of vehicle shields previously used offered no real pros/cons. Vehicles now have much higher shield recharge rates than before, but to compensate they also have higher shield recharge delays. When taking fire shields will not regenerate (not until the second wave of module types is introduced, at any rate) requiring players to use shield boosters to kick-start shields, retreat to safety or attempt to destroy all targets and recuperate in the lull that follows. The hope is that this change will offer a readily apparent trade-off between shields and armor that allows players to pick a playstyle that suits them while not overly favoring any particular one.

  • Low HP ceiling, fast regen, hit-and-run.
  • More shields increases shield regen delay.
  • Once depleted, shields take a long time to kick back in.


  • High HP ceiling, slow regen, stand-and-deliver.
  • More armor slows you down.
  • Armor has no native regen.


  • As mentioned above, we’ll be adding ammunition to turrets.
  • Small turrets are no longer mandatory when fitting a vehicle. This should allow for more interesting vehicle setups than before. When you remove a small turret the seat is also removed from the vehicle.

Sad goodbyes and a Universe of good wishes to the 49, especially to CCP Eterne...
Because no story or character (not even an Eve character) can have a life without writers and publishers.

I'll miss your contributuions, Eterne.
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Re: A Glimpse of CCP work (in-progress only!)

Oct 2, 2013

That is a lot of info to catch up on!  :smileysurprised:


Thanks for posting it up Chewidden!

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Re: A Glimpse of CCP work (in-progress only!)

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Oct 2, 2013

:smileylol:  Yeah.  And I don't want to get too excited and start maneuvering my fitting slots around, because they have warned this is work IN PROGRESS--still being massaged. 


I haven't been in Dust long enough to notice, but tell me Plymco.. if you already purchased a vehicle and fitted it with modules you purchased, is the performance behavior or the gear you ALREADY OWN (pg, cpu numbers, etc) affected by new stat changes like this? 


Or do they let you enjoy your old-performance modules till you run out of them, and only affect the NEW stuff you buy?



Sad goodbyes and a Universe of good wishes to the 49, especially to CCP Eterne...
Because no story or character (not even an Eve character) can have a life without writers and publishers.

I'll miss your contributuions, Eterne.
Please use plain text.
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