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Announcing the Kaimeras Objective

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Announcing the Kaimeras Objective

Aug 19 Reported by ccp cmdr wang | Comments

Welcome once again, mercenaries. I hope you're ready to break out your dropsuits and step up to take on another challenge, this time with the Kameiras' Objective, running from August 22 to September 5! And as always, there are some awesome rewards for winning. We've consulted heavily with the Council of Planetary Management and listened to your feedback from previous events to determine our reward schedule for this event and we are hopeful you'll enjoy it! We have a variety of different rewards, but even if you don't normally use a specific piece, don't worry! You'll still be able to equip it even if you aren't skilled up for it.

The Kameiras are elite footsoldiers in the Amarr Empire. Selected from the strongest and most intelligent slaves, the Kameiras are trained from birth to live, fight, and die for the Empire's way of life. They are undyingly loyal and are feared across the cluster for their ferocity and devotion. The arrival of cloned mercenaries has shown them there are ways to improve their efficiency even further. Though the Amarr hold the doctrine of Sacred Flesh, which prevents their royals from cloning, the Kameiras know their flesh is already tainted. Those who are most faithful can die again and again in service of the Empire without fear.

Now it's the chance for you to prove the Kameiras were right in adopting the ways of the cloned mercenaries. By fighting in a minimum of 30 Instant Battles or Faction Warfare matches and winning at least 48% of them to earn your first tier rewards. But displaying your bloodlust even more by playing more matches can earn you greater rewards.



  • Each week during the event players will be asked to meet the following criteria:

    • Play and complete 30 matches and win 48% of all matches and win tier I rewards

    • Play and complete 40 matches and win 45% of all matches and win tier II rewards

    • Play and complete 50 matches and win 42% of all matches and win tier III rewards

    • Score 100 or more war points per match



  • Reward items: Week 1 (August 22 to August 29)

    • Tier I - 'Burnstalk' Laser rifle BPC x 75

    • Tier II - 'Dawnpyre' R-9 Drop Uplink BPC x 50

    • Tier III - 'Neo' Commando dropsuit A-I BPC x 30

  • Reward items: Week 2 (August 29 to September 4)

    • Tier I - 'Bond' Enhanced Shield Energizer BPC x 75

    • Tier II - 'Haywire' Wirykomi Swarm Launcher BPC x 50

    • Tier III - 'Neo' Assault A-I dropsuit x 30

  • Rewards are cumulative - if you qualify for tier 3 rewards, you will also get tier 1 and 2 rewards as well. Weekly rewards will be given during DT in the following week.



If I play more than the minimum number of matches, which ones are counted for the event?

Only the win/loss rate of the week's first 30, 40 and 50 matches in which you earn at least 100 war points during the event will be considered for the purpose of qualifying for the event rewards.


If I play over the minimum number of matches, will the matches after be counted toward my win/loss rate?

Your win/loss rate after the 30th, 40th and 50th battle will be used to judge whether you qualify for the rewards. This means if you qualify for tier 1 after playing your 30th battle and maintained a win rate of 48% or more, your subsequent win rate on battles from the 31st to the 39th will not affect your qualification for tier 1 rewards. They will of course, affect your qualification for tier 2 rewards.


So if I finish 30 matches and only have a 45% win rate, there is no way I can earn those rewards?

If you failed to achieve the requirements for tier 1, you should continue to qualify for tier 2 because doing so will also qualify you for tier 1 rewards.


What happens if I leave a match early?

If you cannot finish the match for any reason, and/or rejoined the same match multiple times, the match will still be counted as long as it's one of the first 50 battles played for the week. The determination of your win/loss record for the match will be based on your team's end of match results. The team you were on is determined based on the first time you entered the match, e.g. if during the first battle of the week you were on the attacker team, then your win/loss record for that battle will be based on the attacker team's end of match result.


What match types count for the purpose of the event?

Win/loss results from all Instant Battles and Faction Warfare battles will be counted for the purpose of the event. Please be aware that after the Uprising 1.4 patch, the names within the Battle Finder will be changed. Instant Battles will be changed to Public Contracts and Faction Warfare battles will be renamed to Faction Contracts.


Can I earn the rewards with multiple characters on the same account?

Each week's event objectives and rewards are open to all player characters, the more you play, the more you can earn!


What happens in the event of some edge case not covered here?

CCP reserves the right to make final decisions and interpretations of the event rules.


We hope you will enjoy this event and the rewards it will bring! As always, we'll be monitoring your feedback to adjust our future events. The Kameiras do whatever is necessary to bring glory to the Empire. Will the cloned mercs be able to live up to them?


CCP CmdrWang

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