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May 01 2013
By: xArchyy First Son 4 posts

Artemis-Rising Recruiting

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We are Artemis-Rising Corporation.


We are recruiting for European and American gamers. We are a full dedicated gaming community known better as Team ViviD throughout Major League Gaming. We are still in the process of setting up ranks and other little odds and ends. Want to join a corp and have your ideas and more considered? Then join us. We have our own personal webservers that host Multiple PC games and programs. We are big in the Playstation 3 community and will expand to Xbox 360. We also have dedicated players who will own the PS4 on release date.


Information on who is welcome to join


Age: 16+ 

Language: Fluent English

Mic: Preferred

Most of our players have Astro A40 or Astro A50

Be able to follow orders when given in game.

No cheating of any sort.


Our website is currently offline. You can see our Primary forum at


However we are working to make a forum dedicated to Dust 514!


Contact me on PSN, Email: , Skype: xArchyy



Please use plain text.
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