Feb 04 2013
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Bugs and glitch list

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Bugs that can be reproduced are as follows.


1. Can get stuck in terrain on any map. Jumping and trying to run does not help. This mostly occures around rocks or where terrain changes.


2. Char randomly reloads when reloading is not executed or needed.. Mainly happens with assualt rifles.


3. Sp not fully rewarded with about 1 and every 5 matter kill death ratio or hack. Get just 50sp.


4. There  is a 1 to 2 second delay when throwing grenades. This happens frequently.


Suggestions for improvement.


Asside from bugs and SP issues.Number of Players Cap needs raised and map size needs to be increased. Sound Quality is a huge problem. Sounds more like peashooting then assualt rifles for any day and age. Sniper Rifle needs a bi pod. Tanks move to slow.. This is not the ww1 where tanks moved at 15km and 20km per hour for max speed. A   Abrahms  Tank would own any land vehical in Eve simply cause of speed.


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Re: Bugs and glitch list

Feb 23, 2013
Tactical Assault Rifle is described correctly in market, but "triangle" information says it's an autmatic rifle, which it is not. Several small errors like that in the information and descriptions of gear. Jus' pointing it out to our game editors. Hope they see this...
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