Nov 08 2013
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DIOS EX Want YOU! {Corp recruitment}

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Dios Ex has been a long standing corp with many high ranking players,


CEO: Alina Heart

Everyone is welcome to apply!

Few things to note

-Mic is preferred, although not required.

-Must not be a jerk.

-No age restrictions

-New players welcome!

-Dust vets welcome!

-We are freindly! Dosn't matter if your young, old, a girl, a guy, a dog, a kitty, a gold fish or Canadian!

-Most active at night, although you will see active players earlier in the day ( I'm almost always active during the day).

-Corp activity droped after an absence of leadership but it has made a good deal of headway these past few weeks.

-PC Active again! Well will be Soon.


We enjoy dust but we enjoy being able to play with fun people.

Corp interested on merging are encouraged!
We will Not boss you around, 
We will Not try and control pc matches you wish to initiate

If interested in merging negotiations can be held for positions.

Players intrested 
Apply for the corp!
Including a short description of what you run (just curious)
Tell them fish sent you!

Still can't decide if Dios is right for you?
Send me an in game msg to get to know us!
Join chat channel Dios recruiting
Message Ryno Zamayid, he's our corp recruiting officer
Tell him he smells like fish!
3% corp tax

US based, accepts everyone

If you have any concerns, questions or hold a grudge against us let me know!

Dios prides itself on our sportsmanship and freindly demeanor (We don't have enemies, just freinds we'd like to shoot at).

That's about it

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Re: DIOS EX Want YOU! {Corp recruitment}

Nov 8, 2013

Also I should note that I do not check the PS forums as much as the Dust forums so if you have any questions msg me in game.


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