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DUST 514 Information Center

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Information Center
Welcome to the Dust 514 Information Center, one centralized hub for all information that you are looking for on Dust 514, and its developer, CCP. This thread will contain latest news on Dust, videos, and FAQs. If you wish to contribute, please send me a private message.

Table of Contents

The Table of Contents is a work in progress*


  • FAQ
  • Technology - Dropsuits
  • Technology - Weapons
  • Technology - Vehicles
  • DUST 514 DLC
  • Cross Gameplay w/EVE
  • Videos
  • Misc. Screenshots



Way of the Mercenary









What is DUST 514?

DUST 514 is a free-to-play MMOFPS, exclusively for the PlayStation 3.


Does DUST 514 have a website I can visit?

Yes, DUST 514 does have an official website you can visit. Click here to go to the official website.


What is DUST 514's ESRB rating?

Dust is rated T for Teen, with blood and violence.


Who is developing DUST 514?

CCP, an Icelandic developer, founded in the summer of 1997 with the goal of becoming a leading massively multiplayer game company. EVE Online was launched in May 2003, CCP has established itself as one fo the leading companies in the field.


Who do you play as?

A mercenary, an immortal soldier, battling for control of the thousands of planets in the EVE Universe.


Is it Playstation Move compatible?

Yes, DUST 514 is compatible with PlayStation Move.


I prefer using a keyboard. Can I use that instead?

Yes. DUST 514 offers several ways to play, and has support for keyboards.


How many people will I be able to play with in a single battle?

DUST 514 can support 24v24 matches in a single battle in a single district on a single planet.


What are the objectives?

Mercenary teams in DUST 514 will engage in combat, acquire territories as well as wealth and build empires. By battling with and against other players, players can control specific areas of the EVE Universe. Once they gain control of territory on a planet, they will have control of its resources and can build upon it.


How does the skills system work?

DUST 514 players train skills for combat. Skills help enhance armor, upgrade abilities with certain weapons, use vehicles more efficiently and much more. Leveling up also unlocks abilities to use advanced weaponry and more powerful vehicles. Skills can also be learned in the background - walk away from DUST for an hour, or even a day, and come back and see they've leveled up.


How does customization work?

DUST 514 players will be able to create their own unique soldier class, as well as customize vehicles within DUST with different weapons and capabilities.


How does ISK and AUR work (the in-game currencies)?

Players earn ISK, an in-game currency, by winning battles, doing missions, and more; players can also buy Aurum through the PlayStation Store. Players will be able to spend either ISK or AUR on varies microtransaction purchases.


Will DUST 514 be pay-to-win?

DUST 514 will not be pay-to-win. Purchasing items with Aurum will not result in an unfair advantage as to players who only spend ISK, the in-game currency.


How is DUST 514 considered an MMO?

Dust will take place in the EVE Universe, which has been around for over nine years, and spawns several solar systems and planets.

There can be several battles occurring simultaneously, all impacting eachother in real time.


I have never played EVE, will it matter for Dust 514?

The answer is no. DUST is designed for both players who want a quick match, who will indulge themselves upon the variety of weapons available in DUST, as well as those who wish to dig deeper into the EVE Universe.


How do I interact with EVE players?

DUST 514 mercenaries and EVE Online players will work in unison, fighting battles to sway the system and gain influence. EVE players can directly affect the outcome of these battles by bombarding the opposing faction from space. Dust 514 players will also be able to deal damage to spacecraft above.


When will it be released?

Sometime in 2013, as a digital download that will be available in the PlayStation Store.


Wait - this is completely FREE?!

Yes. DUST 514 is a free-to-play game, which will be available as a free download in the PlayStation Store.


BETA?! How do I get into the beta!?!

You can sign up for the beta for free, here, and you will recieve a 7-day Recruit bonus, along with an exclusive assault rifle! If you do not wish to recieve these items, simply register on the website.


If you live in Europe, several Playstation accessories will now come with a DUST 514 voucher, including the Playstation headset, keyboard, and blutooth wireless earpiece.





Technology - Dropsuits


Soldiers on DUST 514 enter combat wearing dropsuits to protect them from the elements as well as enemy fire. There are a variety of specialized dropsuits available, each one suited a certain task. Dropsuits come with a unique configuration slot, and powergrid (PG) and CPU that permit a range of customizations.


Dropsuits are available for either ISK, or AUR. Each time a clone is terminated, the weapons and dropsuits are also lost, with the exclusion of militia loadouts.



Assault Dropsuit


The Assault dropsuit is a versatile dropsuit, providing excellent protection, mobility, and sufficient equipment hardpoints. Assault Dropsuits are intended for standard combat operations, in which the objectives change at a moment's notice. The adaptiblity of the Assault Dropsuit is the strongpoint of it.


Scout Dropsuit


The Scout Dropsuit is a lightweight dropsuit, specializing in mobility, stealth, and heightend awareness. While it provides low protection, the mobility of the Scout Dropsuit makes up for it.


Heavy Dropsuit


The Heavy dropsuit is designed to protect the wearer from concussive, thermal and impact forces of low-grade explosives. It also allows the use of the heaviest caliber personal weapons. Itlacks the mobility of lighter dropsuits, but this trade off allows for the dropsuit to be of great use in defensive situations as well as anti-vehicle.


Logistics Dropsuit


The Logistics dropsuit is outfitted with the latest diagnostic technology, and fills a vital tactical role in providing both mechanical and medical support.







Technology - Weapons


Handheld weapons play a key role in any shooter - including DUST 514. Players are able to choose from a variety of weapons, including side arms, light weapons, and heavy weapons.



ZN-28 Nova Knife



The Nova Knife is a closer quarters melee weapon, is a deadly weapon on the battlefield.




CAR-9 Scrambler Pistol

amarr car-9 scrambler_45d88df4a883bb97ad9e7449c56159d8.jpg


The CAR-9 Scrambler is a semi-automatic pistol. It is a small-scale energy weapon, producing a laser-induced plasma channel capable of dealing short-range damage to a target.



CRG-3 Plasma Shotgun



Effective at close-range combat, it is a spread weapon with tremendous stopping power. The CRG-3 is a plasma weapon.



DCMA S-1 Forge Gun

caldari dcma s-1_ab91f2ad34c0c6af052f2f69f326c6f9.jpg


It is an extremly heavy weapon, with extended recharge times, but despite that, it is a devestating anti-material weapon on the battlefield.



G75-VLB Assault Rifle

gallente g75-vlb_4acc3e17e1fa8541954c73766893b2e6.jpg


The G75-VLB is a magazine-fed, short to medium rage weapon with fully automatic fire, it uses plasma ammunition.



MH82-BCR Personal Autocannon



It is a multi-barrel, rotary drive machine gun. It is a devestating anti-infantry weapon, while heavy, it packs a lot of stopping power.






Technology - Vehicles


Vehicles play a large role within DUST 514. and are a significant threat to infantry. Each vehicle has it's own specialites and can also be outfitted (very much like Dropsuits) with modules and custom loadouts.


Here is the Vehicle Fitting screen:







The heavy attack vehicle (HAV) class has a variety of weapon hard-points, thick armor, and all-terrain mobility. It is capable of providing medium-long ranged support on the battlefield.





The Limbus is a light logistics vehicle, providing infantry with emergency repairs in the heat of battle.





A Dropship, it's primary focus is to support ground units by laying down fire from two turret hardpoints, and also serving as an infantry spawn point.





DLC - Mercenary Pack


Made available on the PlayStation Store starting on June 26th, 2012, the Mercenary Pack is available for $19.99 with $50 worth in content, and also provides an all-access beta pass to DUST 514. It contains:


  • A 30-day active skill booster (+50% XP)
  • Exclusive (unlimited) Dragonfly Dropsuit and Toxin SMG
  • Melee damage bonuses and grenades
  • 40,000 AUR ($20) in-game credits







DUST 514's Cross Gameplay w/EVE


One of the things that is quite amazing about DUST 514 is the cross gameplay with the EVE Universe, as well as the very economy on DUST 514 is also apart of EVE.


One way EVE Players are able to assist merceranies in battle is by launching an orbital strike on opposing forces. This is shown below from EVE Fanfest 2012.








Cinematic EVE Fanfest 2012 Trailer



 Developer Diary: The Vehicles of DUST 514 (pt 1)


  Developer Diary: The Vehicles of DUST 514 (pt 2)


Developer Diary: The Weapons in DUST 514







Misc. Screenshots

















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Re: DUST 514 Information Center

Aug 23, 2012

Thanks for the information. I just got my hands on the beta today with Playstation Plus.

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Re: DUST 514 Information Center

Aug 28, 2012
I am really worried about Dust 514.

It's ONLY drawback is Unreal Engine 3... Every single game I've played using UE3 laggs like sh¡t, (ME3, Tom Clancy series, and Blacksite: Area 51... Need i go on?

Unreal Engine 3 is a hyped up WORTHLESS GRAPHICS ENGINE!

Why not choose Havok Vision? Or Frostbite?!
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Re: DUST 514 Information Center

Dec 30, 2012

Will update this thread tomorrow.


In the meantime, weapons on DUST (in case you haven't seen the video yet):


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Re: DUST 514 Information Center

Jan 14, 2013

I download the mercenary pack and no luck. No beta no pack? What's going on

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Re: DUST 514 Information Center

Jan 24, 2013

heya man, its supposedly gone public, but i still cant download the client, i mean atleast i see it on the store now i guess, 48 hours after first seeing it , still says download unavailable

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Re: DUST 514 Information Center

Jan 24, 2013

Codra9 wrote:

heya man, its supposedly gone public, but i still cant download the client, i mean atleast i see it on the store now i guess, 48 hours after first seeing it , still says download unavailable


Create your own charachter there.


Hope that helps! I will be updating the thread on the steps to join the beta within the upcoming days.

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Re: DUST 514 Information Center

Jan 26, 2013

Updated how to get the open beta!

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Re: DUST 514 Information Center

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Good update my fellow dust buddy Smiley Wink

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Feb 1, 2013




Good update my fellow dust buddy Smiley Wink

Thank you! If you have any suggestions on what I should add next, you know how to contact me! Smiley Wink

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