Jun 04 2013
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DUST 514 Signature Contest June 2013

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Welcome to June's DUST 514 Signature Contest!


Put your image editing skills to the test and show us what you can do! All members of the PlayStation Community Forums are eligible to participate in our monthly signature contests. Carefully read the instructions and follow the rules.


This month’s theme: DUST 514. This innovative and highly detailed online multiplayer free-to-play video game from CCP Shanghai allows players to engage in futuristic battles with one another across many galaxies. Use this contest to show everyone how passionate you are about this video game. Your signature may contain any of the characters, environments, themes, and concepts in this downloadable video game. Put some effort into your signatures and show us what you can come up with. All DUST 514 signatures that appear to be working with this month’s theme will be accepted provided that they are appropriate and adhere to the rules. Inappropriate signatures will not be accepted.


Entries this month will be due on June 22nd at 11:59 PM Mountain. Users are allowed one entry. A poll with the entries will be posted provided that there is more than one entry for this contest and voting will take place for one week after the due date for all submissions.


Have fun!





All submissions are to be made in this thread. Please include the following information in your post:


  • Username
  • Signature URL
  • Signature Image




  • Please follow the submission format outlined above.
  • Signatures must be appropriate and follow the Rules of Conduct
  • Only signatures that clearly take advantage of the theme this month will be accepted.
  • Keep your signature dimensions reasonable or your submissions might not be accepted.
  • Try to work within these signature dimensions for your entries: 500px wide by 150px high.
  • DO NOT submit signatures that you did not create (i.e., signatures that were created for you).
  • Only ONE entry per user per contest will be accepted. Please only post the final version of your signature.
  • DO NOT wait until the last minute to make your submission. A poll will be posted on the due date.
  • DO NOT vote for your own signature and DO NOT ask other individuals to vote for yours.




  • I will announce the winner of this signature contest here in this thread when the poll closes.
  • The winner of this contest will be given a special DUST 514 forum rank for one month.
  • The PSN ID whose forum rank will temporarily change will be the one used to make the contest submission.
  • Only forum members with regular ranks and rank shields are eligible for this reward.



NOTE: If you fail to follow the rules in any way, shape, or form then you may be disqualified from this month's signature contest.

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Re: DUST 514 Signature Contest June 2013

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Jun 4, 2013

I'm not elligible, but here's the one I made (full size attached):




I look forward to seeing what the community comes up with.

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Re: DUST 514 Signature Contest June 2013

Jun 13, 2013
I might make one if I have time....
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