Feb 06 2013
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Dust 514 Live Stream & EncryptiioN Corp. Recruitment

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Hello Everyone, 


I am a fairly player on Dust 514 and have become somewhat addicted to it. I have been streaming Dust 514 since the moment I installed it and hope to become a regular Dust 514 streamer on (


By streaming, I hope to catch the eyes of those who may not of heard of Dust 514 and bring in more players as well as viewers. I have started a corporation (EncryptiioN) and am the only member as of (2/3/2013) looking to expand and recruit.


I mainly just want a good group of people to play with, regardless of skill or knowledge. I am a new player and have no prior experience with Dust 514 or Eve Online so I'm willing to recruit/play with anyone willing to join or play with me. If your interested in joining either reply to this thread, apply in-game or message me on psn.


Livestream Gameplay: 


Livestream Status: OFFLINE


PSN: EnvaderZiim

Dust 514 IGN: Envader Gir

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