Mar 25 2013
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Epic Gaming Brand New Competitive Clan Recruiting!

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Hello folks, I am EG TheJoker, the founder and Commander of Epic Gaming.

What Is Epic Gaming?

Epic Gaming was established in January of 2013, now I know it is March so this wouldn't make us "that new", however, we have taken the last 2 1/2 months developing the structure and the policies that the community will follow. Epic Gaming is like many other clans out there and it is also unlike many clans out there. We are a paramilitary organization with ranks, positions, and a chain of command which is enforced. However, unlike other clans we allow our members to have a voice, to have a say in how the Community operates. Epic Gaming has instituted a member voting system which allows our members to vote on differing aspects of the operations of the Community, including who let in.

Epic Gaming is a competitive gaming community, our definition of competitive is not, "we take ourselves super serious", or we conduct ourselves like some sort of tyrannical regime. Instead, its what we focus on, honing our skills, adapting, training, and dominating on the virtual battlefield. Everything Epic Gaming does is to prepare ourselves for matches. While we do support the idea of casual gaming, and we do play casually, Epic Gaming does not have any casual Teams, our focus is competitive gaming, to that end we use casual gaming to build Team Work and Communications between our Teams. We play these games like they where meant to be played, competitively!

What Do We Offer?

A professionally designed website.
Weekly Practices (Days and Times Depend On Task Force's)
Advancement and Leadership Opportunities
A Large Online Community
A Voice In How We Operate And Who We Allow In Our Community

Member Requirements?

Just because we are a competitive community does not mean we are seeking just the best and brightest gamers, to us the saying "quality over quantity" is our mantra. We are looking for people with strong moral character, who will improve the quality of our Community.

To that end, the following requirements are in place:

Must be at least 17 years of age
Have a working microphone
Be able to access our website on a regular basis
Be able to attend practices regularly

In addition to those requirements new members are required to complete a 30 Day Recruit Evaluation before they are given full membership status in the Clan, at the end of the 30 Day Evaluation Recruits will be put up for a vote by our members. During this time, Recruits are encouraged to get involved in the Community, learn how we operate.

If you can handle all of that, you are good to go!

What Games Do We Support?

Currently we support the following games:

Battlefield 3
Call of Duty Black Ops 2
Counter-Strike Global Offensive
Crysis 3
Ghost Recon Future Soldier
Halo 4
Medal of Honor Warfighter

We are always looking to expand into other games, and we support all gaming platforms, so if you have the drive to lead, we may be the place for you!

Special Notes

Because Epic Gaming is newly launched, we are in a state of rapid and aggressive expansion, now is the perfect time to join our Community and make your mark on Epic Gaming! Players looking to get into leadership roles this is the perfect time to join. We will be waving our 30 Day Probationary Period for a limited time as we attempt to build a strong foundation for our supported games. If you are interested in leading a group in a top notch, tier 1 gaming community now is the perfect time!

Get In Touch

Check Us Out Directly via our website
Apply to join here
Check Out Our Ranks and Positions Here

So, be more than gamer, be Epic!

Founder and CommandEpic Gaming

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