Jun 02 2013
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GamersForChrist Recruitment Page

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Hey guys. If any of you are looking to play with like-minded individuals, give our corp a try. We just finalized an alliance with Orion and we're on our way to starting Planetary Conquest. We have 200+ players and are growing by the week. We have casual players as well as hardcore player who enjoy crunching numbers and cap'n out their SP every week. You don't need to have a mic to play, we have people of all ages/abilities. We have directors who are in charge of helping players with their Dropsuit Fittings and training them to become successful in playing the game.


Our basic rules:

-No slander/bad mouthing other players, God/Jesus/Holy Bible/you get the idea...

-Keep the swearing to a minimal (unless you like being muted), occasional accidents are forgiven.

-Have fun!


We openly have discussions about the bible and world events. If you enjoy a positive atmosphere and encouragement, apply! Question/comments/concerns? Shoot me an email ( or a pm on Dust. 




Sojourner Revelation

CEO GamersForChrist



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Re: GamersForChrist Recruitment Page

Jun 16, 2013


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Re: GamersForChrist Recruitment Page

Jun 17, 2013

I've seen your corp mates in game with me before.  Good group of players Smiley Happy.



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