Dec 13 2013
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Patch 1.7 and the DROPSHIP passenger--Newberrry or Vets welcomed again!

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If you're new to Dust, or been around AWHILE, you'll find vehicle in the game are used, abused, and have been always dangerous to climb into (especially if you're a PASSENGER, and have just met your driver for 1st time Smiley Surprised)


The MOST dangerous has been the Dropship, the only vehicle in the game that gets you an aerial (god-like sometimes) view of combat.  But in the past, hasty untrained players, loss of vewing control for passengers, radically changing PS3 controls in Patches 1.2 thru 1.6, and unfriendly or reckless operators, have made the dropship, well....just LOUSY for passengers to climb on (unless they want to commit suicide  Smiley Sad)...


But I'd like to spread the word that  Patch 1.7 has changed and corrected things for the dropship AT LAST! 

Smiley Happy As a passenger, you can now LOOK around from the passenger seat---Patch 1.7 allows you to turn your head super-fast and SEE what's happening, in the ship, above, behind, and most important DOWN below you. 


Smiley Happy Patch 1.7's respec and reworking of the armour plates and shields allows the pilot to put THICKER PROTECTION on his dropship (yep, even against forge guns and railgun installations).


Smiley Wink But the Patch can't fix EVERYTHING--there are still LOTS of poor DS players mixed with SOME skilled DS players out there, so try to catch the pilot's name before you decide to ride.


Below are only SOME of the safe/smart drivers on dropship--I only list these few because I've ridden as gunner, and they make good decisions that keep the vehicle from being shot down:


Prvt Numnutz  (you can find him on a chat channel called "1st Airborne")



GERADO Laya (hardly ever on the chat channels, but the most controlled and accurate driver you'll ever ride with)



Lt CRARMEN Ibanez  (you can find him on the "Condor Squad" chat channel; a good all-around transport pilot)



Tebow Baggins  (hard to find, but is returning to the game; a fire-support pilot, so even a novice gunner is always welcomed)


and myself,

CELESTA AUNGM   Heart.  (I use a MIC to help squads, and I'll never get upset if a passenger just wants to stay inside my ship for the whole game and just be an observer)


Occassionally I run my own squad in the Squad Finder.  Look for CELESTA AUNGM's  "Spectators Welcome" squad, or "DS Fittings Test" squad.  Smiley Wink



I encourage everyone to be a passenger in a dropship and try it out, now that Patch 1.7 has arrived and made things better.  ...REALLY, better.




Sad goodbyes and a Universe of good wishes to the 49, especially to CCP Eterne...
Because no story or character (not even an Eve character) can have a life without writers and publishers.

I'll miss your contributuions, Eterne.
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Re: Patch 1.7 and the DROPSHIP passenger--Newberrry or Vets welcomed again!

Dec 14, 2013
I suck at flying drop ships, but I will be a gunner, no problem!!!!
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Re: Patch 1.7 and the DROPSHIP passenger--Newberrry or Vets welcomed again!

Dec 14, 2013

Very slowly working into being a part-time Dropship pilot. Don't see it happening for a long time though, I am still a Scout at heart. Robot wink

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