Oct 29 2013
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...Peace in the Valley, at last. Uprising 1.6 Notes predict calm.

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....Can you feel it?.... 


The turmoil that rose between Patch 1.4 and 1.5 has slowly burnt itself out.  Some players have left Smiley Sad  ...It was repeatedly predicted this would happen; Smiley Indifferent those gamers would eventually come to their senses that this was not the kind of game for them, and they'd finally depart off-planet...  Tears will dry. 



The most controversial components (aim-assist, vehicle cams, etc) survived intact from Patch 1.4's daring introduction through 1.5's "CCP stands bold on its aims" attitiude towards criticism...  Some players who chose to walk away from the turmoil early, have returned to scour the terrain for survivors and casualties...and are finding a pulse still beating, and evolving to their liking. 



The survivors?  The players who were craved curiousity or craved daring experiment, and stayed through the turmoil to witness whatever aftermath occurs?  They have stories to tell the returning players, of how fierce it was, and how angry and tragic the violenceSmiley Sad

But we can tell them Dust has survived... 


Uprising 1.6 implies the attitude that "what changes we've introduced ARE NOT GOING AWAY or being REWORKED--accept them and use them."  Uprising 1.6 is bringing only program fixes and component rebalances...  Uprising 1.6 is bringing CALM.   



Uprising 1.6 Patch Notes:

Release date: 5th November,

* Increased scan radius from 10 meters to 16 meters on Scout and Basic Light Frame suits.
* Increased the repair tools’ rate of repair (general values for each tier): Standard and Militia: 40 HP/s, Advanced: 60 HP/s, Prototype: 70 HP/s.
* Adjusted the heavy dropsuit hit points: (shown below)
* Increased Basic and Sentinel armor/shield hit points from 405/405 to 480/480.
* Increased Commando armor/shield hit points from 250/250 to 325/325.

* Added stabilization for Militia Dropships to the control scheme to make them easier to fly.

* Reduced the Forge gun blast radius: Standard: from 2.5m to 1.5m, Advanced: from 2.75m to 1.8m, Prototype: from 3m to 2.1m.

Bug fixes and polish
* Battle finder now shows a correct clone reserve count for corporation battles.
* Fixed missing hints on create button in Squad Finder.
* Applied fixes to vehicle turrets.
* Several graphical fixes regarding SSAO and Shadows.
* Fixed an issue where players would hang at the Show Info window if closed rapidly.
* Fixed an issue where players were not able to see server name and player count during server VIP mode.
* Further improvements to overall hit detection.
* Specific improvements made to shotgun hit detection.
* Specific improvements made to Nova Knife hit detection.
* Fixed a bug where players were getting stuck on the front of the HAV.
* Fixed a bug that caused strange behavior with third person mesh when killed in a turret.
* Fixed a bug that caused the third person mesh to sometimes 'freeze' if killed whilst crouching.
* Fixed a bug that caused equipment to slide on the base of the null cannon.
* Fixed a bug with visual corruption on wreck materials.

CCP Frame



December is Patch 1.7...  No matter what can realistically be acheived and delivered, it will be MONUMENTAL in scope, and will close the door on the past, giving the last few stragglers who choose to cull themselves from the rest to leave before the way is shut for good.  But in 1.7, the way WILL be shut. 

....The way back to Beta-based play,

....the way back to run-n-gun oppression over struggling Newberrys,

....and the way that still clings to any hopes of becoming one more molifying Lobby-FPS...  

Those ways will be shut. 


In 2014, we will be mercs.     ...New Eden must prepare to hemorrhage...



Sad goodbyes and a Universe of good wishes to the 49, especially to CCP Eterne...
Because no story or character (not even an Eve character) can have a life without writers and publishers.

I'll miss your contributuions, Eterne.
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Re: ...Peace in the Valley, at last. Uprising 1.6 Notes predict calm.

Oct 29, 2013

I haven't given up on dust514 yet but I'm down to one day a week with it.  About 200 of my clanmates are now playing GTA5 so my focus is over there most nights.


Details sound good though!



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