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Sep 01 2011
By: stew360 Gaming Beast 2554 posts

The thing we know about DUST 514 so far

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1: 1rst person shooter game 3rd person in lobby (( party systhem))

Its a digital download thats will cost a 10 to 20 $ cover charge

to download it via psn storethis cover charge will be turn in a in game

credit that allow you to buy weapons and gears from the get go !  There

will be a (( microtransaction model )) thats will allow you to buy

exclusive Vanity stuff but also some in game curency if ur the type of player

who prefere to pay$$ than having to play a lot to get ur curency

Its a free to play depending on ur play style ! no mmo subscription model ! 

2: Beta coming end of this years ( early december ) 2011

3: Release date summer 2012

4: Lobby :

that can handle up to 32 players in a imersive

way kinda mmo style were u can see ur caracter whiout hes helmet

and interact in thats virtual wold whith others players in 3rd person

view ( kinda like mass efect ) the game at launch is suposed

to suport 16 vs 16 battle and numbre is suposed to grow in time

to reach the 32 vs 32 at least !

5: Custumisable weapons and armor perks and modules:

HAV : (tanks) ( canon , missiles launchers ) 

LAV kinda humvee : ( mounted canons and turrets )

RDV drones : ( vehicules shipping on battlefield this in the only

vehicules know to be controled by an Ai

jets , drop ship = troupes tranport kinda flying APC or a futuristic black hawk

Cestus : ( tactical fire suport ) ( comand center )

Instalations coponents : such as

(( capacitor ,sensor , sensor booster , missile lauchers deployable turrets

All vehicules and guns will have the 4 Factions races style as the Galente ,

Amar , Minmatar , Caldari But can be purchase by any race or any corp

6: Battle plan:

they have confirme there will be a battleplan from 10 to 20

minute inside the Cestus (( Lobby )) to plan ur battle to watch the maps

to allow ur battle comander to choose whats type of vehicules he want to

use to achieve the strategie ! Because dues to the large numbers of planet

and regions as a team u cant go there unprepared battle plan Ftw !! 

7: Maps :

There will be a tons of maps hard to understand how many because

CEO of ccp talk about a tech i kinda (( map makers )) to have a different maps for each planet

and he lets us think about over 1000 planets fightable ! U remeber the program

In borderlands who create guns to have tons of different guns for the games ?

It will be the same kinda thing but for maps whith certain parametres each planete will

have a different mapping and building placement but will relies on Caldari , Minmatar

Galente and Amar Art styles for building ! And for the terrain it will be more like if its a volcanic planet etc.

8: Guns :

Assault riffles confirmed , Grenade launchers  confirmed ,

Sniper riffles confirmed , Rocket launchers confirmed , pistol confirmed

9: Money exchanges :

Money and artefacts can be given , sell , buy etc..

Its like if u want to help one of ur friend and give him the equipments u dont want

u can if you want to help a friend by giving him some money u can ! and u can also

sell and trade thing on the market !

10: Destroyable items :

The thing thats u purcharse as modules and weapons and vehicules

are like real life thing they can be destroy so dont fall in love whith ur AR or ur modules

U are actually a clone of urself in dust so if ur clone dont come back from hes journey

You wil loose all ur equipment and gears thats u take whith you when you go to the battle

But all ur storage will be intact ! They compare it to a conter strike model but more on a long term

u will have to rebuys thing but not every single games like conterstrike ! Be prepare to buy sell and

loose a lots of stuff lol

11: Implant/Armor Modules :

There will be mutiple modules in dust to upgrade and change ur (( class ))

Like in EVE high slots medium slots and low slots this model will be implemented for caracter and vehicules 

For caraters there will be skills such as speed skills , Armored tank piece of armor ( kinda heavy armor in mag )

For vehicules no modules have been anonce yet exept for (( Rear Canon turets on the caldari ATV)) but we can

expect like sensor jammers modules , motin sensor modules , armored vehicules modules , self repairs modules


12: Healing :

Nano bots injector kinda mag healing or first aids kits (( nothing confirmed about Revive etc..)))

13: Economy :

Eve players will makes guns , vehicules etc.. via blueprint like they do whith EVE ships blueprint

So Eve players will make some good money from the sales of weaponry and vehicules to dust mercenaries !

The only way for now to make money in dust is achiving contracts !But also we can take controles over planets

and rules their own economy by installing harvesting structures (( nothing confirmed about indutrial aspect such as

crafting thing like vehicules etc.. but for the rest its up to us ! 

14: EVE/Dust link :

Both game can be played separatly No need to use the link u can play eve or dust whiout having to

care about each others ! But u can interact deeply if u want to have the full true mmo fps experience ! But u can also avoid it !

15: Clan : :

The clan suport in dust will be deep in terms of options in dust clans are call (( corporation )) and those corporation

can form alliance (( multiple corporation at  time who based their goal on the same direction )) u can also mix ur corporation or

alliance whith eve players if u want to its always up to you and what you personaly want... or as a group whats you guys want to achive !

You can be a free lance mercenaries corp or you can also become a EVE corporation private army and follow them in their quest for power !

16: Tchat :

Voices and texte tchat   are confirmed for the game and are also cross platform PC / PS3 and broad cast chanel is

anticipate almost 100 % sure you will have a broad cast at least for the (( Battle comander )) not yet confirmed if it will be a

EVE or dust players !

17: EVE and DUST combat :

EVE players are going to be able to call thing like orbital strike from space but dust players will be also

be able to shoot back in space whith artilleri super weapons !

18:smileyvery-happy:UST selfish ! :

Dust Corporation only will be able to installe and conquer territorries for their own benefits and bring some instalation like mining thing etc..

to colect resource and make money for them thats way ! So dust players can try to roll out their own buisness on a ground based  supremacie !

19: Contracts and beginers :

The contracts are mostly suposed to be given by EVE players who want to get some space in the Nullsec part of the EVE space

But if their is not enough contract the NPC empire : Amar , Galente ' Caldari , Minmatar will provide plently of contract in high sec space !

If ur alone and u have no experience the game will try to link u whith some others beginers in the High sec the NPC zone of the game u will figth agains

real players but not agains big organized clan and corporation from EVE and dust ! progressively u will enter in low sec space where their is less restriction

and finally to Nullsec space where u can be wipe out by EVE space ship firering a Orbital strike in ur face !

20: Currency :

there will be 2 types of currency One type will be a cross platform currency thats flow beetween eve and dust 514 and another

specific to dust but u will be able to buys weapons gears and vehicules whith both !

21: Enviroments :

Temperated Planet will be the most playable planets but they still lets us think there will be planete such as (( LAVA planete thats can be

still playable )) dues to Dust mercenaries have suits ( armor ) to deal whith hostile environements so the door is open to get more interesting environement

but at the lauch most of the environements will be temperated planets !

22:Controle planets :

To get get resource up back to the planete u must implement a device call (( space elevator )) But to do thats u must gain the controle

of thats planet to do it u must take figth over multiple regions of the planet and controls all of them !  We dont know yet how many region on the planet we

will have to figth on to get the controle of it but from a screeen shot ive saw 14 around the middle ( dont know if they are playable ) and 5 region around the central region of the planet so at least 6 territory or 20 MAX !

So there a lot of thing to say i will update this tread most as i can u can also put link and thing u learn about it ! for those who want some substantial info on video visit my other tread

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Re: The thing we know about DUST 514 so far

Sep 9, 2011

good stuff stew, thank you

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