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Aug 13 2013
By: Orpheus_Fool Pistol Proficinado 590 posts

These folks deserve medals (Fighting MCC AFKers)

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These are some awesome videos someone posted on the official Dust forums. I'm just reposting them here so more people can see them.


It's s a amzaing (and expensive) way to fight MCC AFKers: 30 mil ISK when into makin the second one :smileysurprised:.


Kudos to Big Popa Smurff and Spec Ops Cipher, you folks are awesome!!!



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Re: These folks deserve medals (Fighting MCC AFKers)

Aug 13, 2013

You need 1000 kudos for sharing this!  OMG  I'm so happy seeing the first vid!


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Re: These folks deserve medals (Fighting MCC AFKers)

Aug 15, 2013
Lol! They should bring the pod cannon from stathawk and put it in dust! They we can shoot pods at the AFKers!
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Re: These folks deserve medals (Fighting MCC AFKers)

Aug 15, 2013

....The last time I laughed this hard was when Pilgrim reported that a fellow clan member had used the new money transfer feature in the Uprising 1.3 Patch to give Pilgrim one ISK, (yes, ONE ISK!). 


This kind of valor and sacrifice from players is unpresidented, and glorious.  Thank you Opheus for finding and posting this.


The interesting thing is, you'll notice that the moment their MCC is invaded (kind of like busting into the Mafia's hotel to pull off a hit), the so called AFKers actually RESPOND and try to defend themselves. 


This means they are not really AWAY FROM THEIR CONTROLLERS doing other stuff.  They are SITTING AT the keyboard :smileysurprised:, intentionally lounging, but  fully aware of each passing second in the match and WATCHING as the rest of us jump down that hole! 


(It's the equivalent of a sheriff's deputies slacking off in their car behind the bakery and deliberately listening on the police radio to their poor sheriff WORKING to earn his pay)


One of the CCP Developers should be given this link.  It would crack them up no end.  It sure cracked me up. 

Multiple Kudos for this find, Orpheus.



Sad goodbyes and a Universe of good wishes to the 49, especially to CCP Eterne...
Because no story or character (not even an Eve character) can have a life without writers and publishers.

I'll miss your contributuions, Eterne.
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