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Sep 08 2011
By: Etero_Narciss Sackboy 506 posts

To all my fellow soon to be Dusters...

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Hello former MAG community! (Let's not kid ourselves. The vast majority of posters here and people interested are MAG old vets).

I've seen a lot of discussions in other forums and in this one about the shooting aspects and player numbers, but I have a more relevant question (for me anyway).

What options would you like to have as the Commander? After all, there will be one hovering over you in a massive, hundred million isk ship, so I think it's something relevant to discuss until the closed beta starts and we can suggest/alter a few things from whatever they introduce.

For the purposes of discussion, I will start with one very important item:

I would like an indicator that tells me what vehicles a squad is using, and how many. Maybe as an icon or some text written on the side of the screen. This would be important to determine how best to guide your fellow players in what to do and what not to do with their valuable assets. We do know that it is the Commander who decides what kind of vehicles will be usable in any given mission (with a weird Magic: The Gathering kind of system as far as strengths and weaknesses of your choices are concerned). I would simply like to be able to know who's using my tank and whether or not he's waisting shots shooting at planes with it.

Another important to discuss:

What kind of interface would you like to see that would make it easier to use without it being too slow and/or nightmarish?

I am a duster.

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Re: To all my fellow soon to be Dusters...

Sep 8, 2011

RTS view woul be my preference. Iso or flat would just be a differnce of what graphical level you want, though if there is multiple levels to buildings then iso would work better.

I definitely would want the strike indicators to show how large the area of effect is. That was one things i found annoying in MAG was that all the command abilities used the same icon but they were not all the same size and most of them were not even a box anyway. To go with that a simple color code system for strike approval. Such as red-requested by soldier, yellow-approved by commander, green-capsuleer has accepted and is starting the strike.

Of course trying to cajole randoms into doing the smart thing in MAG soured my entusiasim for commanding troops. That will be a problem for dust at least in the high to low sec areas. So perhaps if take the frago idea but make it so you do not earn any money outside of the target area. Even though there is a huge map it would help focus players where they need to be if they get no rewards for not following orders.

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Re: To all my fellow soon to be Dusters...

Sep 8, 2011

lol its true, we're all mag heads. 

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