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Nov 26 2010
By: DDRFanatik First Son 1 posts

DDR Metal Arcade/Cobalt Flux Dance Pads to work with 120G/250G PS3s?

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OK so i bought DDR for the PS3 the day it came out. It came with the Konami dance pad that they always pack with the game. But about one year ago, I bought a Cobalt Flux special edition pad that had extensions to PS2, XBox, Gamecube, Wii, and a USB for PC (and maybe PS3).  So i plugged the pad in with the USB extension into my 120G PS3 when i was at the song selection screen, and when i tried to select a song, the button functions were all mixed up (i.e. the up arrow was like the "X" button, the left arrow was like the "Square" buton, the actual "X" button did nothing, and so on).  It really bugs me that it didn't work with my PS3, so now i'm stuck with the scrunchy Konami pad that I will most likely break soon.  Is there any sign of DDR metal arcade dance pads that will work with 120G and 250G PS3s? Or maybe a software update on the DDR game or the PS3 system that can fix this? Or maybe I can sell my 120G PS3 for an earlier version of the PS3? (20G, 40G, 60G, or 80G) Someone help!! Thanks you!


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Re: DDR Metal Arcade/Cobalt Flux Dance Pads to work with 120G/250G PS3s?

Nov 26, 2010

That's a bummer dude, Konami really messed around with the pad; I think the buttons being weird on other pads have to do with their pad needing the groove trigger function. They probably had to do something "special" to make their pad do that that other pads aren't set up for, thus other pads are just totally screwed up in terms of which button is programed to do what. I wouldn't buy a different Ps3 because it's not going to help, I'd just hope they come out with a new cobalt flux pad for the Ps3 or if someone wants to mod a better pad... *hint hint*

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