Nov 27 2012
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The Ultimate Mystik Knight PVP Build (For High Levelers)

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This build is for people in the Soul Level range of 200-240 roughly


Stats Needed


Vitality - 40

Dex - 40 (For MAX Bonus Stat Damage)

Faith - 28

Strength - 40 (For MAX Bonus Stat Damage)

Intel - 32

Endurance - 40

Attunement - 19




Right Hand 1 - Claymore + 15 (Weight 6.0)


Left Hand 1 - Tin Crystalization Cataclyst (Weight 2.5)


Right Hand 2 - Darkmoon Tailsman (Weight 0.3)


Left Hand 2 - Blood Shield + 15 (Weight 3.0)


Ring Favor & Protection & Wolf Ring




Mask Of Mother (Weight 1.2)


Giant Armor + 5 (Weight 16.4)


Havel's Gauntlets (Weight 11.5)


Lord Blades Waistcloth + 5 (Weight 5.0)


Total Equip Load - 40.0 roughly


Green Blossom , Humanity , Flask (When not a Dark Spirit) , Gold Pine Resin ,  Charcoal Pine Resin , Purple Moss Blossom


Movement Speed Should be at Medium




Crystal Magic Weapon

Great Magic Weapon

Homing Crystal Soul Mass

Tranquil Walk of Peace

Wrath Of The Gods


Though this Build Requires a hefty level raise, it is well worth it as it sports a very impressive arsenal. With the enchanted Claymore you will be dealing huge amounts of damage as well a Homing Crytsal Soul Mass to add to your leathality. The wrath of the gods Miracle will catch your opponent off guard especially if they think you are a straight up Mage Knight. Your speed will also not be compromised as You will have medium movement with everything equiped and still have high defensive armor. You will have high Poise and bleed resist so those who try and pull the old Gold Silver Tracer/Lifehunt Syche on you will get a surprise. All in all very effective build against the majority of the builds out there.



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Re: The Ultimate Mystik Knight PVP Build (For High Levelers)

Jan 27, 2013

This is similair to the build I have now only except for + 15 Claymore I use + 15 Uchigatana.

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