Jan 16 2013
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dont be cocky

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I have started getting into PVP now and honestly Im not that bad so far. I do get killed a lot but learning and practicing different strats. I really dont like that there is so much cheesiness that you almost have to set up to PVP and just cant run in and fight, but that has been stated by me.


BUT my biggest peev in pvp is the sheer cockyness some people have. I will now get summoned into a dark anor londo to meet 2 phantoms and literally kick the hell out of them both until the host gets away and heals and this will go back and forth until the one behind me gets a backstab (which is just lame) BUT of all things they get a cheap kill when I was riping them apart and then have the audacity to do a cocky gesture as I fade out.

Listen buddy when I win if it was a good duel I try to bow or something and even bow first (even if they are running at me to back stab me) but you want to throw your arms up like youre the sh** when you barely scraped by with the need for someoen else. 

Gotta say Lyod talismans are my invasion freind but for some reason tehy dont always work. I hit them and the cloud is there but they can still heal. Is it lag?

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