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Re: How's DeS now that the digital download is available??

May 9, 2013

Alluboy_ wrote:

After I played a bit few days ago, I haven't really noticed any change in the players. But then again, I'm playing the EU version, so we didn't  get the game for free. However, the game is in PS store though, and it's not that expensive, so you'd expect some player increase there too.

I think the main reason that people don't gesture that much, is that they're new players (For example, from DkS, like you mentioned) and  it's also a bit harder gesture in Demon's soul. Hell, it even takes a while to figure it out! 

And the reason for spellcasters (again) is that the players using them probably came from Dks. After all, INT builds/spellcasters are extremely powerful (and fun) to use there.

Thats what i kinda figured too.


Maybe i should have put reasoning with my statements rather then leaving it open for explanations.  But thank you.

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Re: How's DeS now that the digital download is available?

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May 15, 2013

Yay, Demon's Souls will be available for PS+ members in the EU store too in two weeks! DEFINITELY gonna play the game then. Maybe we get some life in there.

I luv helping noobs. Smiley Happy

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