Dec 09 2012
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Dragon Age II Lag Solutions?

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  Recently, I decided to start up another game of DA2 in an attempt to unlock the rest of the trophies I am missing. I was instantly dismayed at the excessive amount of lag I have been experiencing in every single battle. I've never had this problem before so I quickly jumped onto the forums and began surfing around the boards on this subject. From what I gathered, most people had this issue after one of the updates that was pushed. There was, however, no confirmed solution to the problem.

  One member mentioned that deleting the autosaves that were created before the said update was released fixed his issue, but no one else was able to confirm that. Reluctantly, I tried it myself and, as expected, it did not help in the slightest. Is there not a confirmed way to get rid of this lag? As I've mentioned before, I've never had this problem the first few times I played. I found a temporary fix for battles (pausing the game for about two minutes and then continuing the fight) but it's simply ridiculous that I must resort to this method in order to avoid the crippling lag. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



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