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Dec 19 2011
By: BombguyEOD Lombax Warrior 230 posts

Home decorating

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Can you place items in your home?  And by place, I mean not drop the item and hope it lands where you want it.

I know you can put stuff in a chest or dresser, or in a bookcase or weapon rack. But, for example, can I stack my ingots nicely in the corner. Or display the shields from guards I have killed.

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Re: Home decorating

Dec 19, 2011

Just hold x on an item til your character "picks it up" then use the sticks to manually place it wherever you want; and press x again to release.

I've already organized my house this way, including putting all my goblets in the kitchen shelving, and all the wine and mead on seperate tables. I've also put my extra weapons on top of the shelves or in the corners of the armory room in Windhelm when i'm out of space. It's awesome.

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