Apr 07 2013
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Skyrim download content: General assistance

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I have two psn accounts & two ps3, i know that it is difficult, maybe impossible to do, but ill ask anyway.  i have game saves on one account and download content on another console, is it possible to sign into the account with the DLC on the second console:


machine A has the game saves; machine B has the account with the download content


i would like to use machine B's account on machine A and download the content onto machine A which has the game saves, therefore saving me buying two copies of the download content as i will be the only one to use this


HELP :smileyfrustrated:

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Re: Skyrim download content: General assistance

Apr 8, 2013

If one of the two is a "master account" of the other than I do believe so, tho if not you'd just have to try it

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