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Sep 10 2009
By: AliceKaye Splicer 69 posts

My thoughts...

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Well, truth-be-told it kind of left me bored from the get-go. The incredibly long cut-scene which took nearly twenty minutes to get through just to begin the "adventure" was excruciating. I mean I like a good story, but I want to play the game too!


I've enjoyed a ton of RPG's over the years, but this one left me baffled. I didn't play for long because I found the characters to be rather annoying to listen to and the constant cut-scenes were a bit more then I could take. I had a friend come in here and ask if I was playing a game made for little kids. She saw the character and heard the voice and she just laughed at me.


I think there are better RPG's out there to play. I don't think this would hold my interest very long, which is a shame.


I'm a huge fan of Baten Katos (GC) and I was hoping it would have some of the charm I found in that game, but I just couldn't get into it at all.


However, a lot of people seem to find it very entertaining; gamestop customers have rated it a 7.0, so there must be something charming about it.


Just my thoughts!

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Re: My thoughts...

Sep 10, 2009
This game does pick up.  I'm loving but I agree it did take long to get thru all the opening cut scenes.  Give it another go.  This game is great.
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Uncharted Territory
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Re: My thoughts...

Sep 11, 2009

English voice overs does get a bit annoying except for Frederic's and Jazz's which I thought were top notch. The Japanese voice overs isn't any better though I switched to it during Polka-heavy scenes, found Polka's English unbearable after a while and an Aya fan so it's a win win.


I actually rushed through the walking parts to get to the cut scenes, the battle system is great but it's the actual story that held me in. Graphics, storytelling, and the story itself is what I found to be its charm.


And don't get down on it looking like a kid's game, I heard from more than one people it looks like a really girly game and have to admit, it does.

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