Jun 22 2010
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Eye of Judgment Legends: Creating different Decks

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I am thinking of buying this game for the PSP GO. However, I think I might Have trouble creating a deck. I somewhat understand the basics of the game. Anyone have any good sites or info/strragety on the game.

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Re: Eye of Judgment Legends: Creating different Decks

Jul 22, 2010

Basically, your creatures and spells cost mana, you get 2 mana each round so to summon greater creatures you'll need to save mana by casting creatures with cost 1 so better have 8 to 12 "1 cost" creatures in the deck. Then you can either choose a theme (ninja, magic damage, dodge ...) and build the deck with creatures like that, or choose an elment (fire, earth, Biolith) and only use that color (I prefer putting 3 or 4 creatures of other colors but that's me, there's spells for every color that change your creature color to the chosen square you want to put it in), you can also choose an affiliation (Val na vos, Dark forest) and use creatures of this (use the spell "Corsez oath" for more mana).

Some players may have listed their decks in the official forums :, but it doesn not include the cards created for the PSP game.

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